Megan: "I want nothing to do with you ever again. I never want to speak to you. Have a nice life. Truly I'm done — I am done. This is it. Don't ever call me again. I am taking these text messages to the police now. This is blackmail. I am not joking."

Petrovic: "Just do it. I never blackmake you. It was just for my protection.... I don't think so you want that your family figure out what you was talking about them. Be smart."

Petrovic: "Usually you always want a porno movies from us but now I have it. Was nice the scene when I was fucking you in your tiny ass. I will send you copies and you can also enjoy it. Good night now."

Megan: "I am changing my number, stay away from me. I am taking these text messages to the police and getting an order of protection against you."

Petrovic: "Ha, ha, just do it.... You don't needed to change your number because will cost me nothing to figure out your new."

Soon, Petrovic was calling Megan several times a day at Hans Wiemann, the hair-restoration clinic where she worked. Then packages — candy, flowers, even their own sex photos — began arriving at the company's address.

"I just was in love with her, and I couldn't help myself to go away from the woman," Petrovic would later explain in court.

In mid-January 2010, Petrovic came to St. Louis to reclaim some furniture from their rental house in New Town. Megan learned of his presence and warned her family members.

Petrovic later described his state of mind at the time: "Every divorce have dark side. Every end of relationship have dark side. Some people go crazy, and some people don't understand...."

At about 8 p.m. on January 14, Megan finished her shift at Hans Wiemann, walked outside and noticed something odd: a white U-Haul van sitting in the parking lot. It looked empty. She shrugged it off, climbed into her 2002 Mitsubishi and headed for Lake St. Louis to pick up her children at the home of her ex-husband, Ben.

As she neared Ben's neighborhood, she got the uneasy feeling she was being followed. She called Ben, who told her to pull off into a nearby cul-de-sac and shut off her lights. She did so. Sure enough, a white U-Haul van came roaring past. Megan panicked.

Ben kept her on the phone as he walked out of his house. Then he saw the U-Haul van pull up in front of his driveway, idle briefly and continue through the subdivision. Shortly thereafter, Ben says, Megan grew "hysterical" on the phone.

"I couldn't understand what she was saying," Ben recalled later during the trial. "She just kept saying, 'He's chasing me, he's chasing me!'"

Megan had decided to dash for the police station by taking the back way out of the subdivision, but the U-Haul van started tailing her.

"I was going as fast as I could possibly go to get away from him," Megan said later in court. "I didn't look at my speedometer. I was too scared. There's no street lights on those roads back there."

Then it hit her: She couldn't get out that way. The bridge leading out of the subdivision was closed. She had to circle back toward Ben's house.

The U-Haul van, she said, crept up close on her bumper and even tried to surge forward until it was alongside her.

"I felt like if he cut me off or got me there, he was going to kill me," Megan testified. "He had, like, snapped."

But she accelerated ahead, made it back to Ben's house and pulled into the garage. The U-Haul fled the scene.

Ben hopped in his own vehicle and went looking for Petrovic; he wanted to jot down the license plate number to get a restraining order. After rolling through some side streets, he finally spotted the van at a nearby Shell station. Petrovic had just finished pumping gas and was sitting in the driver's seat.

Ben approached, knocked on the driver side window and asked: "Do you know who I am?"

As Ben recalled it, Petrovic only smirked, put the van in reverse and started backing out. The extended side mirror on the van briefly dragged Ben along with the vehicle. When Petrovic pulled forward to leave, Ben had to clear out of the way.

Ben returned home. Deputy Brandon Penuel of the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department arrived in response to Megan's 911 call.

"She was very distraught, crying and weeping, very scared," Penuel testified later.

As the deputy questioned Megan and Ben, he observed their cell phones lighting up with texts from Petrovic.

"Now we are equal," Petrovic wrote to Ben. "I was fucking your wife, and now you are fucking my wife. Oh, God, I forgot. You cannot fuck because you have prostate cancer.... Ha, ha."

Then Ben received another one: "She is not worth dying for."

The day after the U-Haul car chase, Megan returned to work at Hans Wiemann. The business was about to move to Creve Coeur, and its Clayton building was up for sale. One prospective buyer arranged for a meeting that day. It was Jovica Petrovic.

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Hi Calvin,

thank you for your answer. My English is not the best one but I try always my best for a good understanding.I can´t open the link and hope you a writing in the reference of Jovica Petrovic.
He did the same in Germany with her wife in Hamburg (Gabriela Bleeke), later with me here in Spain.I sent him 3 times in a jail but nobody was interested to jugde him here in Spain.
I have made some ads, for example, Attempted murder, forgery and stalking.
This person has to be in a jail for the life time, because he never will end with such bad stories. 
Since this time I can´t have any relationship. It´s a sad life, but what should I do.
Perhaps it would be the best way, if I knew that he would have no chance to be released. I would like to sit in front of him just 5 minutes without any words.
It's been anything more than 14 years, but it still hurts. The court has probably already stored the files. Should I make copies of them? Can you submit to the judge this yet?
Would be great to hear something about you.
Best regards
Gabriela Ülsmann


I know him, because he made similar bad stories with me. He should be in the prison forever.


This guy is probably a sociopath. Me and my fiance have been living with something similar to what this guy has done, except without the porn videos that have never existed. It has been continuing for over the last 5 years now. Very, very similar cases a with both of us having restraining orders against this guy and an indirect criminal contempt on him also. These type of people just won't quit unless they're put into jail, then when they get out, they will be back doing it again. They're too warped in the head to have enough sense to grow up and walk away, and to stop the stupid nonsense. Very eerily similar in these stories and I'm sure there are more out there.


He isn't  a "Sext Fiend".  He's a textbook PSYCHOPATH.




Great pot boiler, Nick, one of your best. What a story. I can just picture that 7 yr. old boy seeing a pic of mommy sucking a stranger's dick and what he must of thought. That's an image that will stay with him for life. And he will also remember how his daddy explained his way out of it. That image is the funniest of all. Your telling of the scandalous pix sent to her favorite restaurant had me laughing so hard I could hardly stop. Let your mind wonder a wee bit and think about what the restaurant staff thought about her when the saw the pix.  Then the story spread like wild fire. Think she will ever go back? 

By the way, since you have stopped writing regularly, readership of the RFT has fallen by 43% and advertising revenues have plummeted by 60%! You are sorely missed.



Kitty, I have to wonder what in a person would make someone think that anopther person's abuse and trauma is funny.  Especially the trauma of a 7 year old child.  I'm definitely not a prig and have a rather bent sense of humor myself, but to me, the description of that event was a little horrifying.  What the hell is wrong with you?