The characters are constantly talking about “the rules of The List.”

Yeah, from what I saw, the show's rules seemed nearly Fight Club-esque. “The first rule of The Client List is you don't talk about The Client List.” I have made agreements for myself: Don't let anyone push my personal boundaries (there are acts I explicitly don't do); if someone makes me uncomfortable then do not see them again; wear fancy underwear on the regular, for myself and not just for work; always check references from and give references to other hos; and when doing out-calls with new clients, always leave info for a partner. If I need a break from work, I give myself one.


The Client List
The Client List website
Airs Sunday nights on the Lifetime channel

Most clients who want something specific like fetish play, CIM (come in mouth), or special music, will ask through our initial e-mail exchanges. Sometimes I don't offer that service, but can recommend others who do. I always encourage open and honest communication with clients, wanting to give them their desired experience in an authentic and organic way. I read body language. If I don't like something that they're doing, whether that be touching a part of my body that is ticklish or putting fingers where I don't want them, I try to disengage on my own to avoid breaking the fantasy. If that's not possible, I compassionately tell them what I want or don't want, while avoiding the act of shaming my clients.

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