(Everyone except Prince, who failed to materialize.)

Even as he prepares for the release of Substitute Preacher, Bhiman is anticipating a return to the studio later this year to record a new set of original material, with the aim of releasing an album in 2014. In the meantime he actively engages with fans at shows and on Twitter and Facebook (both accessible @bhibhiman).

"Twitter is like reaching out to people and actually having a conversation," he says. "Facebook is like you're sort of making your own little newspaper and putting it in print every day or every other day. It's work, in that you have to keep at it. But it's worldwide, and it has such a great reach. Those two things in conjunction are such big tools — I mean, I'm sitting here in Copenhagen, tweeting, with wi-fi in the room and all that — it's there all the time, and it's amazing. It's so easy to converse with your fans and get the word out."

In fact, Bhiman has been leaking songs from Substitute Preacher through both social media platforms, uploading a song a week to his SoundCloud account (@bhibhiman) and then linking to them from Facebook and Twitter. To date he has shared "Walk of Life" — for which he also made a video featuring footage from Buster Keaton films — and Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)." When George Jones died last month, Bhiman promptly shared a version of "She Thinks I Still Care," telling his followers, "Was holding onto this for Substitute Preacher Vol. 2, but it seemed fitting to post today. RIP Ol' Possum."

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