Aside from music, one of Jones' passions is film, especially French new-wave cinema (hence the moniker "Parisian"). With the release of the music video for "Parasite" (off the Daul Kim EP) making it onto music blogs such as Vice, Jones has two more music videos in the works. One will be for "Still in Love With" from Daul Kim, and the other is a song from his first EP. The "Parasite" video showcases his influences with a modern aesthetic: a mix of long and hyper-close shots, a hand-held-video feel capturing surrealistic moments, all accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack. Another EP and a full-length album are currently on the back burner.

At the end of our interview, Jones is ready to continue on his day. Back down the stairs to the now-docile coffee shop. He offers thanks for the time, dons his hoodie and meanders out the back into a slight rain, seemingly ever lost in thought. Maybe he's thinking of another new song or fleshing out a video treatment. But no matter what it is, you'll see a piece of Parisian in it.

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