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St. Cecilia Parish Church

5418 Louisiana Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63111

Category: Religion and Spirituality

Region: St. Louis - South City

Just like the U.S. of A. isn't all Fourth of July celebrations with apple pie and blue-jean cutoffs, Brazil has much more to offer than just your traditional Carnival-type festivities. Take the Festa Junina, for instance. These parties, too, are based in religion -- they are a celebration of a handful of saints (Anthony, John and Peter, namely) -- but that's where the similarities with Carnival end. Oh sure, Festa Junina parties feature costumes, but they are less "sexy" and more "peasant-y," if you will. We're talking farm ensembles with checked fabric, straw hats, and even faux freckles and gapped teeth! And there's even square dancing at these celebrations! How about that!? To get in on some Festa Junina down-home southern good times -- southern hemisphere, that is -- head to St. Cecilia Parish Church (5418 Louisiana Avenue) from 6 to 10 p.m. In addition to the aforementioned dancing, expect to eat, drink, play games and have a lovely night. Admission is free, and you can check out www.facebook.com/FestaJuninaSTL for more information.
Sat., June 1, 2013
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