"I've seen [on YouTube] that competitors have brought fireworks and confetti to events," McClimans says. "For every boring indie-rock band that stands there and doesn't do anything, there are plenty more dudes flailing around on the stage for this."

McClimans plans to hold USAG competitions in St. Louis annually, and he hopes that his hunch to bring air guitar to the Firebird pays off better than other events for which he has been propositioned.

Kansas City’s own Mean Melin.
Harvey Brown
Kansas City’s own Mean Melin.
World champion Nordic Thunder.
Miriam Doan
World champion Nordic Thunder.

"In a totally insane twist of awkward, weird coincidence, somebody approached us about booking the Air Sex World Championships on the same night! What are the odds of that?" McClimans asks. "Maybe I should have done some sort of fucked-up double bill. Why not?" 

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