The author ID'ed himself as "Neil LaBute."

Was that really you, Neil? The comment certainly carries the plangent tang of bona fide LaBute: the passion for the act of communication, the anger, the verbal dexterity of someone who believes in the primacy of language.

Asked if he'd like to own up, LaBute admits nothing but reserves the right to weigh in on comments threads. "I have no comment or interest in that subject, but I have responded to critics before and will again, I'm sure. Criticism serves a certain kind of purpose in the artistic process, but it is not the last word in that process, and this idea of 'comment' sections now allows for readers and artists to critique the critics and to keep the dialogue alive. I am all for it."

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As LaBute himself had previously put it to RFT, "I love words, so I try to use them all. I don't think there's any word or any subject that isn't fit for the stage, and I will continue to push that idea for as long as I'm a viable voice in American theater. People may not like what they hear, but there is nothing that can't be said — it's not always said well, but anything can be written about and discussed on the stage.

"If not there, then where else?"

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