The Fortune Teller Bar attracts a uniquely varied clientele, as one might expect in the up-and-coming Cherokee Street neighborhood. If your visits go anything like ours, you might expect to share bar space with a gaggle of twentysomethings on a girls' night out, an overly affectionate middle-aged couple adorned in tie-dye, dudes accessorized with trucker hats and cans of beer, a smattering of the business-casual demo, a small pack of canines basking on the patio and a cook grabbing a drink after a long night shift.

"Give me whatever you suggest. I trust your judgment," the cook says to Thenhaus, who produces a can of DAB Dortmunder, describing it as light and smooth with no hint of skunk or bitterness — the quintessential summertime beer. For something more substantial, he recommends Civil Life brown ale, one of his all-time-favorite St. Louis craft beers. If neither of them do the trick, there are two dozen more options from which to choose, from Belgian brews to Stag on ice with lemon — a.k.a. the "Yellow Bandito" — and Thenhaus can tell you the history and flavor profile of each and every one. The wine list is small but well considered and, this being the hot season, includes two rosés and a fizzy Spanish cava. Cocktails are requisitely au courant, some of them augmented with house made bitters and infused vodkas. The "Cherokee Street Fizz," featuring pineapple-and-jalapeño vodka, fresh lime, fresh orange and soda, proved to be a refreshing summertime sip.

The more adventurous tippler might consider some pickles in liquid form. The house specialty "Mason Jar" combines house-infused pickle vodka, dry vermouth, lemon-hopped bitters and seasonal pickles. The pickle, in this case a carrot, tastes of deep and dark spices soaked in cider vinegar.

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The Fortune Teller Bar

2635 Cherokee St
St. Louis, MO 63118

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - South Grand


The Fortune Teller Bar
Pickled Egg Basket..$5
Black Forest Ham Sandwich...$6
Mason Jar (Pickle Vodka Cocktail)...$8

Slideshow: Inside the Fortune Teller Bar on Cherokee
2635 Cherokee Street; 314-776-2337.
Hours: 1 p.m - 1:30 a.m. Mon. - Sat.

And the drink itself?

Weird but interesting — same as nearly everything else here.

Slideshow: Inside the Fortune Teller Bar on Cherokee

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