Self-proclaimed culinary evangelist Beth Huch arranged the feast behind closed doors as the first stop on her Market Street gastro tour, one of hundreds of public and private fine-dining tours she has hosted since she launched her company in May 2012. Huch has hosted everyone from local couples to international chemists in neighborhoods including Maplewood, Clayton, downtown and DeMun.

The bubbly Huch, who for sixteen years worked in public relations for luxury hotels and celebrity chefs, prefers an old-school face-to-face approach, which makes sense considering her penchant to wine and dine. Her lengthy résumé in hospitality includes PR for L'Ecole Culinaire and founding the St. Louis chapter of Les Dames d'Escoffier.

STL Culinary Tours, admittedly a more highbrow personal experience crafted for devout foodies, offers a true behind-the-scenes experience that has caught the attention of national publications such as Wine Enthusiast Magazine.; Beth Huch: beth

Public tours in small groups range from $125 to $185 per person (depending on the neighborhood) and include tax, gratuity, complimentary valet parking, up to ten courses with cocktail pairings, and, of course, the opportunity to hang out with the guys (and gals) in charge.

"What I really enjoy is that it allows for chefs and guests to interact in a way that's extremely unusual and a lot of fun," says Hale. "You can't do that when you're just going in to eat at a restaurant."

Upcoming tour dates: Market Street: Saturday, July 13, noon; $150.

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