And it paid off. Demand for Cannibal! tickets resulted in her needing to add extra shows. ("They sold out in twenty minutes!") A soon-to-be-scheduled second run of the production is now in the works.

But what's next for the woman whom KDHX (88.1 FM) describes as the "undisputed Mistress of All Things Geeky"?

Peters is currently directing Harold Pinter's The Hothouse ("I like to balance whimsy with something cerebral"), and she has a short list of different movies that she would like to adapt. Fans of her work may be especially excited about her interest in bringing to life a tongue-in-cheek, musical version of The Silence of the Lambs.

These days Peters is more excited about an art outreach program that she is working on with some colleagues to raise awareness about social issues issues such as rape and domestic violence. In particular, she is working on a play called Extremities about a home invasion. In it, a woman gets attacked but turns the tables and takes the situation into her own hands. The production is slated to tour different colleges in conjunction with their rape-awareness weeks.

"It's a really amazing project to be a part of," says Peters. "It's extremely emotional. It's a way to really show what art means and what our responsibility is as artists. Only good can come from it."

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