Cornealious and LaQonna began dating in 2005, roughly the time when Anderson abandoned his final appeal.

"Should I have told her?" he asks. "I probably should have. But I just didn't want to freak her out. It's at the back of my mind every day whether this is too much for her. Whether she can handle it. I'm believing by faith it's going to be over soon."

This all puts LaQonna in an odd position. If Anderson turned himself in back in 2002, they never would have started dating. They never would have gotten married or had their two youngest children.

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"If he did receive a letter or if the attorneys back then said, 'Turn yourself in,' and he just didn't do it, and he let me know, 'I didn't turn myself in,' yes, I would have told him, 'You need to turn yourself in.' But that's not how it went," she says. "I still would have married him."

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