And where were the Streetfighterz during the actual "ride" of the Ride of the Century? Vaughn and Hunziker say they were preoccupied with the organizational aspects of the ride and barely touched their own bikes. Vaughn admits, though, that he doesn't even like riding in large groups anymore.

"I'm scared shitless," he says. "I could ride with the five guys in the Streetfighterz all day long. I know where they're going to be, what they're going to do. But I don't like riding in large rides."

This is what the actual Ride of the Century has become to the Streetfighterz: a raucous gathering for other riders to enjoy.

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Photography by Mark Gilliland.

"It's like a brotherhood that we established," says D.J. Schaeffer. "The ride is second nature to us now. It's the quality time that we get to spend with our friends that week; that's my favorite part about that weekend. I know what I can do, these guys know what I can do. But these people who travel from California, from New York, from Florida, it's their day to have fun. It's not our day. It's their day."

The Streetfighterz's official video trailer for the 2012 Ride of the Century garnered 1.7 million hits on YouTube. This year, the group isn't sure they'll assemble a similar video. But even if they don't publicize the ride or organize next year's event, it's likely that it will continue on without them. Says Hunziker: "The ride — it's kind of gotten above us."

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