Pulse Rate: 10/10 The pace is a relentless sensory overload, wearing visitors down with sudden noises, strobe lights and demons exploding from walls.

Blood, Gore and More: 10/10 The tableau of torture is pure artistry, with bodies impaled on spikes, men eating their own flesh and endless decapitated heads hanging from the ceiling.

Creeps and Freaks: 9/10 Serial killers, escaped convicts, butchers, demons — they are everywhere, hiding in corners or behind false walls, ready to pounce. They know your name. They want your skin.

Steve Truesdell

Psych Trauma: 8/10 The Darkness' gang of red-nosed Harlequins must be some of St. Louis' most disturbed haunters.

Production: 10/10 Every inch of the Darkness drips with lush, museum-grade detail.

Pros: The 3-D clown house is probably the closest you'll get to the experience of eating a dozen peyote buttons at a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. (Unless, of course, you've already done that.)

Cons: Thick fog pumped into the rooms and the frantic pace make it difficult — and sometimes impossible — to stop and appreciate the craftsmanship in the Darkness' ornately designed chambers and alcoves. 

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