Pulse Rate: 10/10 The pace is a relentless sensory overload, wearing visitors down with sudden noises, strobe lights and demons exploding from walls.

Blood, Gore and More: 10/10 The tableau of torture is pure artistry, with bodies impaled on spikes, men eating their own flesh and endless decapitated heads hanging from the ceiling.

Creeps and Freaks: 9/10 Serial killers, escaped convicts, butchers, demons — they are everywhere, hiding in corners or behind false walls, ready to pounce. They know your name. They want your skin.

Steve Truesdell

Psych Trauma: 8/10 The Darkness' gang of red-nosed Harlequins must be some of St. Louis' most disturbed haunters.

Production: 10/10 Every inch of the Darkness drips with lush, museum-grade detail.

Pros: The 3-D clown house is probably the closest you'll get to the experience of eating a dozen peyote buttons at a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. (Unless, of course, you've already done that.)

Cons: Thick fog pumped into the rooms and the frantic pace make it difficult — and sometimes impossible — to stop and appreciate the craftsmanship in the Darkness' ornately designed chambers and alcoves. 

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Kayleigh Vogelgesang
Kayleigh Vogelgesang

A few years back when I was still in highschool, I couldn't make it through Silo X, which at the time was I believe one of five or six haunted houses at CreepyWorld. I've never gone back, though I always did want to thank the zombie Marine who, after I begged three or four visibly confused zombie employees, led me out a side entrance, presumably an employee entrance. Thanks again mate. I was about to piss myself.

Erin Berghold
Erin Berghold

And thanks for the great review of the Cave Maze. They worked really hard getting that together and on time for the opening! Good luck guys, hope the next couple weekends are packed to the gills!

Erin Berghold
Erin Berghold

Well I'll be the first and and say....dead people?

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