Rip Taylor Motherfuckers!

Genre: Power slob

Features members of: Sayonara, Fifth Row Felons, I Hate Billy, the Frankenhookers, Doom Town, the Humanoids, Totally Gay Cop

Location Info


The Mad Magician

5625 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: St. Louis - Tower Grove


Band Lotto
8:30 p.m. Saturday, December 7. The Mad Magician, 5625 Manchester Avenue.
$3. 314-304-9656.

Origin of the name: "I assume it's a play on Gordon Solie Motherfuckers. Gordon Solie was the wrestling announcer from Georgia Championship Wrestling."

Sounds like: "Mostly indifference." Influenced by some band performing at Pop's Nightclub at 4 a.m.

Sample lyrics: n/a

Expect the unexpected: Says drummer Shaun Morrissey, "I have had a ton of suggestions. I really wanted to turn this on its head. I pushed for matching track suits and headset mics, choreographed dances. I would have been the slightly overweight rugged one in the boy-band formula.... The biggest challenge has been coordinating schedules. I find hope and prayer can help overcome most any adversity."


Genre: Slaughterchops

Features members of: Googolplexia, Times Beach, Broken Prayer, the Humanoids

Origin of the name: "RØB (Googolplexia) came up with the name because it is the hardest name in the world."

Sounds like: Someone hacking off their own hand with a machete.

Sample lyrics: "Slaughterchops, Slaughterchops/We're the hardest band in the world/Slaughterchops, Slaughterchops/You're going to chop off some of your limbs/We really love the band lotto/But we don't really know/ Each other."

Limb from limb: Slaughterchops says it's most influenced by the sounds of its members' own nightmares. They have successfully funneled urges to cut off their own limbs through song, though audience members might not be so lucky.


Genre: Face-melting hardcore

Features members of: The Humanoids, Everything Went Black, Rüz, Bath House Boys, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Liquor Lord, Gang Control

Origin of the name: "It was the first name that anyone threw out and it didn't suck, so here we are."

Sounds like: Hardcore for the punks who like having their faces melted.

Sample lyrics: "No more happy endings."

Golden Gods: Drummer Cameron Rhoads reportedly has nicer hair than your girlfriend. Furthermore, Stabbing Contest claims to have created a style of music that is completely unique and without outside influence.

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