Detectives traced the anonymous police call to Kent. Cell phone records also showed he had been in contact with Jill that night, presumably providing a play-by-play of their gleeful dance with vengeance.

The damning phone records caused the glee to dim. Jill pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, and the couple separated.

But Kent fought the charges, invoking The Hen-Pecked Defense. He claimed his wife forced him to make the call, and said Jill actually planted the dope while he was home sick in bed. Alas, this was contradicted by his own cell records, which showed him outside Peters' home on the night in question.

He's now again awaiting trial after his first trial ended with a hung jury. In the meantime, the couple has sued the Los Angeles Times, the Irvine Police Department, the Orange County District Attorney's office and 100 other unnamed people for defamation and being mean to them online. But because Kent has been fired by his law firm, it's unknown whether he can afford to provide all those defendants with free weed and pills.

9. Rojorlo Naranjo
Rojorlo Naranjo had previous convictions for kidnapping and sexual assault, granting him entry to Colorado's prestigious list of registered sex offenders. This, the 57-year-old knew, was exactly the kind of pedigree that left women a quivering glob of longing and desire. Which is why he chose the romantic setting of a Greeley, Colorado, bus to drunkenly hit on a much younger woman.

Perhaps Naranjo was off his game. Perhaps the woman left her desire on the kitchen table that day. Either way, her inexplicable rejection of Naranjo was emphatic enough that the bus driver told him to quit creeping her out.

Yet Naranjo couldn't let this assault on ego and honor pass, lest all the other sex offenders mock him. So he sucker punched the driver, threw him off the bus and began kicking him in the head.

Alas, his pummeling was insufficiently gallant to reverse the woman's heart. But it did get the attention of police, who charged him with harassment, "endangering public transportation" and trying to date over his head. Naranjo was sentenced to eighteen years.

8. Adam Savader
Adam Savader was a budding Republican operative who interned for Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Despite his access to the halls of power, he was unable to score with the ladies. That's because he's a frumpy little man-child with voodoo eyes that make him appear to be the product of an amorous weekend between Michele Bachmann and Charles Manson.

Still, Savader would not be denied love — or at least his weird approximation of it. So he began hacking into to the e-mail accounts of former classmates at George Washington University and his high school in Great Neck, New York.

Whenever he discovered selfies of bare-naked women intended for someone other than Adam Savader, he would send his targets anonymous texts, demanding they beam him additional naked photos. If they refused, Savader threatened to not only send his existing trove to their mothers, but to their sororities and — gasp! — the Republican National Committee, where they would likely be shared with known degenerates, such as congressmen from Alabama.

One victim attending college in Michigan went to police, who traced the anonymous texts to Savader. Though detectives say he attempted to extort fourteen women, he was allowed to plead guilty to one count of stalking, for which he'll spend at least two years in the slam.

7. Christopher Caceres
A homeowner in San Pedro, California, knew something was amiss when he heard his 80-pound Akita make a "huge yelp-like shriek" in the back yard in the middle of the night. The man went outside to find that an intruder had left behind his cell phone.

Two weeks later, the dog made the same unusual yelp. This time the man discovered the prowler had left a gate open. Fearing that someone was casing his house, he installed security cameras.

It wasn't long before the man awoke one Sunday to find the Akita's hair strewn about the back yard. A review of security tape would reveal something worse than a garden variety burglar.

The tape showed 22-year-old Christopher Caceres, a neighbor's grandson, drugging the Akita to get it to relax. Caceres then spent from 2 to 4 a.m. having sex with the animal, a remarkable feat of depravity and stamina.

Caceres has been charged with burglary, sexual deviance and bestiality and rape of a dog, with more charges expected.

6. La Crystal King-Woolfork
La Crystal King-Woolfork spent a September night partying with a female friend at the Shake Your Booty club in Indian River County, Florida, a known home for refinement, mystery and romance.

At 4 a.m. the friends repaired to La Crystal's boyfriend's house to perform oral sex on each other. The boyfriend, who'd been sleeping, awoke to the bare-naked festivities. La Crystal asked him to make it a three-way tournament. The boyfriend declined.

His refusal harshed the atmosphere, so the female friend left. That left La Crystal and her man to argue over the technical requirements for properly hosting a guest.

At some point, La Crystal chose to accentuate her position by hitting him in the face with a metal candleholder and smashing her cell phone on his head. Then she stabbed him in the eye.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

"The Bush Doctrine ... was used by President George W. Bush to justify the Iraq War." Wrong. It was first used to describe some withdrawals of treaties signed by Clinton and never passed by the Senate. Then it was more commonly used in the Afghanistan War, not the Iraqi War. Bush with the consent of Congress, including Mr. Clinton's wife, decided that harboring terrorists justified the elimination of the Taliban from power and control of that nation. As to the Iraqi War, Bush accepted Saddam's own words that he was violating the peace agreement from the Gulf War by having WMD. It did not matter whether he did or not. Saddam said he did, and we did know Saddam used such weapons against the Kurds. Bush was enforcing the UN treaty against the Iraqi dictator.

If the author would spend a half minute researching his political agenda, stupidity in blatant errors might be avoided or more properly focused. By all means slam Bush for how he and Congress decided to defend America. Honorable people can disagree on that. Dishonorable people make sh¡t up.

JamesMadison topcommenter

"Though detectives say he attempted to extort fourteen women, he was allowed to plead guilty to one count of stalking, for which he'll spend at least two years in the slam."

Plea bargains like this are just wrong. Fourteen years is more deserving. Stop being so soft on criminals! Yes, it costs money to go to trial, and yes, you may lose. BUT justice demands you try to get these people off the streets for a long time lest they find more and better ways of harassing innocent people.

I do wonder the political agenda of the author in bringing out this criminal's party affiliation.  Is it because members of the GOP are unusual to commit such crimes? And that had he been a Clinton-Obama loyalist we would have expected such behavior?

JamesMadison topcommenter

Texas refusing to allowing gay divorce is quite understandable. They do not believe the couple was married. They do not recognize the union, therefore no divorce. Keep those divorces out of the Texas legal system. Why should Texans pay for a divorce court's time in dealing with gay divorce if there is no gay marriage? Plus, by not allowing the divorce, these two men cannot legally get married to others should they make another trip to New England. It is not like two people who filed for divorce and thought it was done are going to stay living together.

It is a shame the author's hate of those opposed to gay marriage clouds any rational thought.


waded through 5 pages to get to number one....anxiously anticipating...will it be nicastro, or herschend or sinquefield.....after all, we are considering destruction of childrens' lives, among other things....what a let down.

JamesMadison topcommenter

"She was paid $18,000 in exchange for her resignation." Things have gotten rotten to the point we pay people for their bad behavior. Sure firing her outright might have resulted in legal bills over $18G, but if fairness was part of justice, legal fees would be paid by the losing side. Plus, the school should be able to recoup the legal fees from her pension fund. We have to stop rewarding criminal behavior.

George Culp
George Culp

Should have added my sister in law!!

Brenda McBride Watson
Brenda McBride Watson

I loved all the unnecessary flowery descriptions, in fact they were my favorite. Good work

Natasha Mayton
Natasha Mayton

This was funny. But, hard up read because of all the unnecessary, flowery descriptions.