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Gaslight Theater

358 N. Boyle Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108

Category: Performing Arts Venues

Region: St. Louis - Central West End


The Homecoming
Performed through June 8 at the the Gaslight Theater, 358 N. Boyle Avenue.
Tickets are $20.25 to $30.25. Call 314-458-2978 or visit www.stlas.org.

It is in many ways an impenetrable play. Still, by final curtain, Ruth, who repeats history by sending Teddy packing to his three boys back home, emerges as the most powerful figure in this violent world of men. Fittingly, her pause-laden lines perhaps give us the firmest foothold to approach this topsy-turvy world: "Look at me," she says, spreading her legs to the rapture of the men. "My lips move. Why don't you restrict . . . your observations to that? Perhaps the fact that they move is more significant . . . than the words which come through them. You must bear that . . . possibility . . . in mind." 

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