There is other funny stuff in America, like D'Souza bragging in narration that his previous film is the second highest grossing documentary ever. Or the transition sentence "I asked Texas senator Ted Cruz what started the Mexican-American War." Or how D'Souza admits to being guilty of campaign-finance fraud -- "I made a mistake. No man is above the law" -- and then immediately argues that the real crime is that the government paid attention to and prosecuted his lawbreaking.

But nothing beats the out-of-nowhere assault against Matt Damon. D'Souza aspires to be the intellectual conservative water-chummer, the contextualizing smarty-pants who arrives at Limbaugh and Hannity's conclusions only through learned reasoning. (If you sit through this, you'll hear lots about de Tocqueville.) But Matt Damon pisses him off. D'Souza gets huffy talking about the actor's praise of Zinn and comments about income inequality. D'Souza attempts to prove the actor's hypocrisy. He asks why Damon makes so much more money than the rest of us. What skill does he have?


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D'Souza wonders this over clips of Damon, that magnificently physical performer, running and fighting in the Bourne movies. The questions are pretty rich, coming from a vainglorious huckster we've just watched waddle about D.C. like a shell-less turtle.

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