Standoff in Ferguson: 72 hours of grief and anger in the wake of a controversial killing

Standoff in Ferguson: 72 hours of grief and anger in the wake of a controversial killing
Jessica Lussenhop

On Saturday, August 9, at about noon, eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was walking with a friend down Canfield Drive in Ferguson when they crossed paths with a police officer. Minutes later, Brown lay face down in the middle of the street, dead — shot multiple times by the Ferguson cop. What took place is still unclear, and accounts from witnesses and the official police narrative differ wildly. But one thing is known: Brown was unarmed. Comparisons were immediately made to Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Oscar Grant, and word of the death — along with photos of Brown's body — spread nationally by Saturday evening.

What follows is a chronological compilation of 72 hours worth of Riverfront Times' reporting on Brown's death, the investigation and the violence that erupted after the sun set in north county.

- Sunday Morning: A Family Devastated

- Sunday Evening: A Peaceful Protest Turns Violent

- Monday Predawn: Shopkeepers Respond to Looting

- Monday Morning: Cleaning Up and Taking Heat

- Monday Midmorning: Peace Briefly Briefly Returns to Ferguson

- Monday Afternoon: Grieving Family Seeks Justice, Urges Nonviolence

- Monday Evening: NAACP Pleads for Restraint, Not All Agree

- Monday Night: "You Guys Are in the Middle of a War Zone."

- Late-Night Monday: Tension Flares, Tear Gas Flies

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Undisputed TRUTH is that Michael Brown and his friend "crossed paths" with a little immigrant convenience store clerk first.

Shit went downhill from there .......


Is there anyone else who thinks that all this carnage and hatred could have been averted if Brown and his friend had just complied with the officer's request that they stop walking down the center of the street? Use the sidewalks, that's what they are for. I'm a longtime StL resident and I have to say that I have seen black folks young and old ambling down the middle of a busy street like Kingshighway, Grand or Chippewa like they were having their own private parade. I have yet to see whites, Asians or other ethnic groups do that so blatantly. Why? I'm just asking why?


The dirty cop is a thug and murdered the kid.  He should swing.  Give him to the protestors and let them have a necktie party.  Those rampaging and looting however don't give a whit about Brown--they are just animals looking for a reason to loot and pillage; shoot them down.

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