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    BY HARRY WEBER AN OPERA CHORUS GALAUnion Avenue Opera Theatre Union Avenue Opera Theatre's Opera Chorus Gala has become an annual event, and Saturday evening at Union Avenue Christian Church, the company presented its best ever. A superbly p...

    on June 23, 1999
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    Out on a Limb

    Into the Woods By Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine New Line Theatre Things grow dark when you go into the woods. That's where Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine take the characters from familiar folktales in their musical Into the Woods. No...

    by Harry Weber on June 16, 1999
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    Great Catch

    The Pearl Fishers By Georges Bizet, libretto by Eugene Cormon and Michel Carre Opera Theatre of St. Louis Popular opera wisdom holds that Paris prefers spectacle, so their opera ballet, sets and costumes, grandiloquent scenes and exotic loc...

    by Bob Wilcox on June 9, 1999
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    Wedded Bliss

    The Marriage of Figaro By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, with English translation by Andrew Porter Opera Theatre of St. Louis The subtitle of The Marriage of Figaro is, in Andrew Porter's translation, "A Day of Madn...

    by Bob Wilcox on June 2, 1999
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    Pretty Good

    GOLDEN BOUGH: CYNTHIA NARTONIS SPATIAL PATTERNS: JUDY CHILD Elliot Smith Contemporary Art PERFORATIONS: SUE EISLER William Shearburn Gallery As most St. Louis gallerygoers know, the close proximity of the William Shearburn and Elliot Smit...

    by Ivy Schroeder on May 26, 1999
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    Beautiful Lies

    Othello By Giuseppi Verdi; libretto by Arrigo Boito, after the tragedy by William Shakespeare Opera Theatre of St. Louis The set of Verdi's Othello, which opened Opera Theatre of St. Louis' 1999 season last Saturday evening, is dominate...

    by Bob Wilcox on May 26, 1999
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    DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER By Marc Camoletti, adapted by Robin Hawdon Theatre Guild of Webster Groves Don't Dress for Dinner is terminally silly. In a farce, that's not necessarily a bad thing, if the play can convince you to enter its wa...

    by Harry Weber on May 19, 1999
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    Big Deal

    GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS By David Mamet ACME Theater Project David Mamet stuffs Glengarry Glen Ross with all the things we think of as typical Mamet. Because these are the things he does well, Glengarry Glen Ross ranks as one of his best p...

    by Harry Weber on May 12, 1999
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    Public Affairs

    THE PUBLIC EYE By Peter Shaffer Off the Cuff When Peter Shaffer writes a comedy like The Public Eye, he's sometimes precious but rarely pretentious. When he writes serious plays like Amadeus, Equus and The Royal Hunt of the Sun, he's ...

    by Harry Weber on May 5, 1999
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    Spring Break

    HAMLET By William Shakespeare SIU-Edwardsville University Theatre Here's the story: A young man comes home from college to discover that his father has died, his uncle has married his mother and grabbed his inheritance, and his girlfriend i...

    by Harry Weber on April 28, 1999
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    Raising Eire - In Charming Billy, novelist Alice McDermott exposes the faith and lies that bind an Irish-American community

    When Alice McDermott's Charming Billy was selected for the National Book Award in fiction last year over, most notably, Tom Wolfe's noisy epic A Man in Full, McDermott received the kind of press that the University of Connecticut Huskies are getting...

    by Eddie Silva on April 21, 1999
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    Material World


    by Ivy Schroeder on April 21, 1999
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    Waiting Room - The Black Rep's Waiting for Godot leaves the business of interpretation to the audience.

    When actor Wayne Salomon is not donning a bowler hat and tramp's clothes -- the signature costume of Samuel Beckett's tragic clowns in Waiting for Godot, which opens this week at the St. Louis Black Repertory Company -- he's a teacher at John Burroug...

    by Eddie Silva on April 21, 1999
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    Portrait of a Lady

    ELEANOR: THE PEOPLE'S FIRST LADY By Lee Patton Chiles Historyonics Theatre Company "I trust you." Imagine a politician's wife saying that to a reporter today. But that's what Eleanor Roosevelt told Lorena Hickok, the Associated Press journa...

    by Harry Weber on April 21, 1999
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    Short Seens

    After a slightly slow and rhythmically flat first act, the Hawthorne Players had me in stitches with their mastery of the difficult physical comedy in the second and third acts of Michael Frayn's anarchic farce Noises Off. Credit Dottie Bertolino's e...

    by Bob Wilcox on April 21, 1999
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    Bland Expressionism

    BELINDA LEE: NEW WORK MICHAEL SWISHER: RECENT WORK Elliot Smith Contemporary Art Belinda Lee's new paintings depict solitary human figures in the center of the picture as seen through a veil of rain, smoke or shadow. These men and women are...

    by Eddie Silva on April 14, 1999
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    Hot Water

    The Water Children By Wendy MacLeod The New Theatre Wendy MacLeod's play The Water Children, which The New Theatre opened last weekend at New City School, takes about the clearest look at the debate over legal abortion I have experienced. T...

    by Bob Wilcox on April 14, 1999
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    Dane to be Different

    Rachel Tiemann admits she's more the Ophelia type. Tiemann is tall, slender, long limbed, with wide brown eyes and a round face that, when she smiles, reveals two adorable dimples. Her hair is cropped short these days, because she's not playing the s...

    by Eddie Silva on April 14, 1999
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    Silent Treatment - The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra teams up with the Magic Circle Mime Company to point young listeners toward classical music

    * Do you need a silencer to shoot a mime? * "Mime Dead at Age 89." His last words? "I meant 'stroke,' not 'row, row, row!'" * A hunter spies a wild mime out in a field, turns to his gun bearer and says, "The situation has changed, Jules. Take my...

    by Susan Kelley on April 7, 1999
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    Wax Ecstatic - Lois Conley's Black World History Wax Museum brings the African-American past vividly alive in the present

    If you think wax museums are a thing of the past, or the stuff of campy Vincent Price movies, or just high kitsch -- like Madame Tussaud's London collection of paraffin politicians, princesses and "beautiful people" -- you haven't been paying attenti...

    by Ivy Schroeder on March 31, 1999
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