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    Needs Salt

    YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN By Clark Gesner Fox Theatre I go to the theater to be entertained. If I nod off during a show, I figure it's not entertaining me. I had a little trouble staying awake at You're a Good Man, Charli...

    by Bob Wilcox on January 6, 1999
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    1998: The Year in Art

    IVY SCHROEDER I am a transplant to St. Louis. Two years ago I moved here from Pittsburgh, where the art "scene" was becoming exciting and progressive, with a great deal of exchange among museums, schools and galleries, and artists both locally an...

    by Eddie Silva on December 30, 1998
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    Peanuts in the Shell - Acclaimed director Michael Mayer, with a talented ensemble, tests the theater climate as the revival of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown heads for Broadway

    The musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown might rival Thornton Wilder's Our Town for frequency of performance on high-school stages across the country -- for a variety of reasons. Both can be done cheaply, which is important with shrinking arts bu...

    by Eddie Silva on December 30, 1998
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    1998: The Year in Theater

    MIKE ISAACSON Any year-end wrap of St. Louis theater must begin with a cocktail-party statement that always surprises: Having sat down and done the math, it would be very easy for anyone in St. Louis to go to the theater about twice a week throug...

    by Bob Wilcox on December 30, 1998
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    Black and Blue - An anthology of African-American writing on St. Louis paints a bleak portrait of the city

    Turn the page past editor Gerald Early's introduction to "Ain't But a Place": An Anthology of African American Writings about St. Louis, and you will find trouble: A black man is getting cut, slashed and burned, things that usually happen to trees, b...

    by Chris King on December 23, 1998
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    Ice Land - Grease evolves into a figure-skating show with Nancy Kerrigan as Sandy

    Concept: Death of a Salesman on Ice. Final scene. Linda Loman (played by Nancy Kerrigan) skates to the center of the rink, where a black wreath has been laid. The brothers -- Charley and Bernard -- skate slowly into the light. Charley should have a s...

    by Eddie Silva on December 23, 1998
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    The Cowboy Way

    LARRY KRONE: TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE JOHN KELLEHER: PROXIMITY, INTERFACE. CONTINUOUS POWER ACTION/PERFORMANCE AND THE PHOTOGRAPH Forum for Contemporary Art There is something rather disquieting about walking into the firs...

    by Ivy Schroeder on December 16, 1998
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    Light Show

    AN EVENING ON THE LIGHTER SIDE Mid America Dance Company Although Mid America Dance Company's vast repertory certainly contains serious dances, I'd say that most of us go to a Madco concert with our faces fixed to laugh. And we were certainly m...

    by Harry Weber on December 16, 1998
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    Pain Killer

    Zamora the Torture King remembers a book in his elementary-school library, one that had "descriptions of bizarre entertainment throughout history and other countries. They had people in India doing the skewers through the cheeks, the sword-swallowers...

    by Eddie Silva on December 9, 1998
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    Going Underground

    There's a lot of history under St. Louis streets and parks. There's a smelly but necessary present beneath them as well. Both past and present down in St. Louis' nether regions get a close examination in the new KETC (Channel 9) documentary Unde...

    by Richard Byrne on December 9, 1998
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    Short Seen

    With characters who view their World War II experiences as the high point of their lives, Israel Horowitz's Fighting Over Beverley comes off as a poor man's Plenty. But the current West End Players Guild production gives us Dorothy Farmer Davis at th...

    by Bob Wilcox on December 9, 1998
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    Spirits in the Night

    A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC By Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler Repertory Theatre of St. Louis The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis' steely and sublime production of A Little Night Music is the perfect antidote to the glycogen overdose caused by mo...

    by Harry Weber on December 9, 1998
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    Fair Practice - By focusing on the exhibition of the pygmy Ota Benga, author Jane Cutler exposes the institutional racism of the 1904 World's Fair in her children's novel The Song of the Molimo

    One afternoon in New York City, while having brunch with an old college friend, children's book author Jane Cutler ran down a list of concerns she wanted to address in her next book. "Up at the top were questions of race and racism," she says during ...

    by Eddie Silva on December 2, 1998
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    Tied Up - Ben Marcus talks about his book, The Age of Wire and String, and the new wires of the information age that tangle art and technology

    "Accountant, vessel in which a substance is heated to a high temperature and then transferred, divided, shrunk, or counted." Welcome to the wonderfully deranged world of writer Ben Marcus. His book of stories -- titled The Age of Wire and String ...

    by Richard Byrne on December 2, 1998
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    Suite Art

    BARRY LEIBMAN: MOZART SUITE William Shearburn Gallery ROBIN MUREZ: PODS Laumeier Sculpture Park Barry Leibman's Mozart Suite, on view at the William Shearburn Gallery until Nov. 28, is a heady, visually intoxicating ensemble of seven abst...

    by Ivy Schroeder on November 25, 1998
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    Continental Drift

    AFRICA: A BIOGRAPHY OF THE CONTINENT By John Reader Knopf, 801 pages, $35 John Reader's Africa: A Biography of the Continent starts slow, with the basics, and proceeds at a glacial pace through the geologic formation of the continent before...

    by Melissa Levine on November 25, 1998
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    The Clothes Make the Man - St. Louis is kind of a drag -- in the best sense of the word

    Chouteau Avenue is deserted at night. Only the occasional headlight breaks the stillness of industrial buildings and signs for automated equipment. You'd never know that behind one blank facade is a bar full of men and women, gay and straight, white ...

    by Susan Kelley on November 25, 1998
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    Bijou Blowout

    The fate of the remarkable video collection of the recently shuttered Bijou Video on Delmar has been determined. Starting at 10 a.m Friday, Nov. 27, Whiz Bam! Video at 3206 S. Grand Ave. will begin selling a large portion of the assemblage at its sto...

    by Randall Roberts on November 25, 1998
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    Nothing Doing

    MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING By William Shakespeare St. Louis Shakespeare Company The St. Louis Shakespeare Company's spirited production of Much Ado About Nothing, which opened last weekend at the Grandel Theatre and will play this weeken...

    by Mike Isaacson on November 25, 1998
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