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  • Sounds of the Underground

    published August 8, 2007

    Sounds of the Underground began in 2005 as an alternate-universe Ozzfest, bringing together metal and hardcore's rising stars for a... More >>

  • Ozzfest

    published August 1, 2007

    Where name recognition is concerned, Ozzfest the brand far outguns the tour's 2007 lineup. (Finnish GWAR knockoff Lordi on the main... More >>

  • Unsane

    published May 23, 2007

    No one, not least the band members themselves, could've expected NYC noise-rock architects Unsane to stick around for eighteen years: Drug... More >>

  • Throttlerod / Mess with the Bull

    published May 16, 2007

    While May's annual stoner-rock festival Emissions from the Monolith completes the move from Youngstown, Ohio, to the higher-profile (and perhaps... More >>

  • Don Caballero

    published May 9, 2007

    Although this summer marks its sixteenth anniversary, Don Caballero still functions as a start-up band. Troubled from day one by its... More >>

  • Zelazowa

    published April 11, 2007

    For the upstart alt-rock quartet Zelazowa, rock is indeed a family affair: The band of brothers and cousins honed its craft in... More >>

  • The Haunted

    published March 28, 2007

    Spawned from the remains of At the Gates — which is perhaps the most influential thrash-metal band in Swedish history — The... More >>

  • Hot Cross

    published March 14, 2007

    When they hear the word screamo, most folks may think of big-name teenybopper acts such as the Used or Senses Fail. But for Philadelphia's... More >>

  • The No Fear Music Tour

    published March 7, 2007

    Grammy-nominated metal powerhouse Killswitch Engage is gigging without guitarist/producer/band mouthpiece Adam Dutkiewicz on the No Fear... More >>

  • Cartel

    published February 7, 2007

    Cartel — which formed just three years ago in Atlanta — spent the first two-thirds of its career supporting an EP (2004's The... More >>

  • Move Every Mountain

    published January 31, 2007

    Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher sounds remarkably unaffected for a man whose musical career has, in just five months, gone from mildly successful... More >>

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