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  • It's Not Mall Art

    published November 30, 2005

    SAT 12/3 There's mall art, and then there's ArtDimensions ( For the... More >>

  • Guerrilla Girls Gone Wild

    published November 9, 2005

    The art of protest FRI 11/11 Feminism, in its purest strain, is a body of ideas and practices best... More >>

  • Here Fell Some Mighty Folks

    published November 2, 2005

    THU 11/3 The two must've never met, but dream it anyway: Pops (just "Jim" then) Farrar, at sea around the world with the Merchant... More >>

  • Séance You, Séance Me

    published October 26, 2005

    Scoff if you like at the Ouiji board; dismiss as you see fit the once-respected career of seer; doubt at your own peril the veracity of the... More >>

  • Ur-body

    published October 19, 2005

    When checking out some of the items that British archaeologist Sir Charles Leonard Woolley's team unearthed between 1922 and 1934 at Ur -- an... More >>

  • Fantastick Run

    published October 12, 2005

    Cats, schmats. If you think that Broadway stalwart exhibited some mighty legs on its dance to worldwide fame, consider The... More >>

  • Hirsute Suite of Love

    published October 5, 2005

    Hippies? Pshht. Their day is long gone, dissipating in the wake of time like the stink of patchouli in the path of a powerful fan. And yet... More >>

  • She's a He, Isn't She?

    published September 21, 2005

    FRI 9/23 Anyone who has ever held a job is familiar with the concept of the "work self." That persona you create who can laugh at tired... More >>

  • She Works Hard for the Money

    published September 14, 2005

    Cindy Sherman has been a housewife, a prostitute, a buxom librarian with a vacuous come-hither gaze. She's been a resort-dwelling starlet, a... More >>

  • Naked Chef

    published September 7, 2005

    THUR 9/8 Jamie Oliver is, of course, cuter than a basketful of golden retriever puppies. And unlike other telechefs, who implore... More >>

  • Ooh, Posters!

    published August 24, 2005

    SAT 8/27 Garage-sale aficionados, collectors and eBay resale sharks, be advised: The Webster Film Series is flooding the market with... More >>

  • An Artist of Blues

    published August 17, 2005

    FRI 8/19 The blues is a loud knock at the door of the universe. That beautiful, soft machine, being the mother it is, doesn't deign to... More >>

  • Beemer Me Up

    published August 10, 2005

    In the interest of full disclosure, Ms. Day doesn't drive a minivan (it seems that some were misled by one of her writings the other week). But,... More >>

  • Fun Times

    published August 3, 2005

    There's fun, there's international fun, and then -- if you're ready for this -- there's dancing fun. What are these three types of fun, you... More >>

  • Caravan of Class

    published July 6, 2005

    SUN 7/10 No actor could chew the scenery like St. Louis' own Vincent Price. The master of horror is renowned for his exuberant... More >>

  • Here's to You, Ms. Robinson

    published June 22, 2005

    SAT 6/25 Marilynne Robinson is not another J.D. Salinger, sequestered in the woods, endlessly rewriting her earlier work, but you would... More >>

  • Surround Sound Puppet Theater

    published May 18, 2005

    Puppets are underused as a means of artistic expression. In Western culture, the puppet show is sidelined as "kid stuff," implying that the medium... More >>

  • Expand Your Microcosm

    published May 11, 2005

    SAT 5/14 Most words beginning with "micro" aren't fun. Think about it: microeconomics (flunked the final), micromanaged (flunked that... More >>

  • Like Sands Through the Hourglass

    published April 20, 2005

    So for years there was this guy in South Beach who built an absolutely amazing sandcastle. The thing was practically life-size, and it included an... More >>

  • Thinkin' Lincoln

    published April 13, 2005

    We take our shaky unity as a republic for granted, yet matters 145 years ago very nearly derailed the nation completely. But for the political... More >>

  • Welcome to the Cabaret

    published April 13, 2005

    TUES 4/19 It is difficult to mark when the change occurred. Perhaps it was when a healthy breakfast cereal was purchased, rather than... More >>

  • Dave Mason

    published March 23, 2005

    The rock & roll cocktail calls for equal parts flamboyance and bedrock musical talent. But if you lack the former ingredient, the latter'll get... More >>

  • Chicago Style

    published March 16, 2005

    Soulard's Mad Art, the cop shop-turned-art gallery, is somethin' else. Those Mad Artists could host an event consisting of nothing more than a... More >>

  • Superfantastic Four

    published March 16, 2005

    The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington Boulevard; 314-545-4660 or More >>

  • Who'd Like to Thank the Academy?

    published February 23, 2005

    SUN 2/27 The annual Academy Awards party at Night & Day Global goes a little like this: Mr. Night makes a grand entrance on the red... More >>

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