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  • Listen Up

    published December 30, 2010

    We owe Siskel & Ebert. Years ago the two Chicago film critics did a segment on the movies they considered to be the very best of the 1970s.... More >>

  • Those Post-Holiday Blues

    published December 23, 2010

    The period immediately following Christmas and New Year's Day always feels like an anti-climactic downer to many people, while others welcome the... More >>

  • A New Song and Dance

    published December 16, 2010

    The Nutcracker has traveled some miles since it was first performed in 1892. That debut production was a total flop among critics and... More >>

  • SlÁinte, Christmas!

    published December 9, 2010

    Wouldn't it be great fun to spend Christmas in Ireland? Most if not all of us who harbor a special fondness for the Emerald Isle and its culture... More >>

  • A New Song and Dance

    published December 9, 2010

    The Nutcracker has traveled some miles since it was first performed in 1892. That debut production was a total flop among critics and... More >>

  • Step Into Some Parlors

    published December 2, 2010

    If you're a new transplant to our area, or simply in town visiting, you owe yourself a trip to Lafayette Square. The neighborhood due just... More >>

  • Christmas, Wrecked

    published November 25, 2010

    Rachel's Christmas is about to head south — all the way south into the toilet. At home and seemingly secure on Christmas Eve, she's told by... More >>

  • We Plead for the Fifth

    published November 18, 2010

    We can think of no better way to escape the mounting holiday frazzle than an evening at Powell Symphony Hall (718 North Grand Boulevard;... More >>

  • Marty, the One-Man Party

    published November 11, 2010

    There's an instantly recognizable factor that separates everyday comedy from the truly memorable stuff. Certain comic performers just have it,... More >>

  • Eight Is Great

    published November 4, 2010

    Those of us who love it will argue that the guitar is the most beautiful of all instruments. Limitless in its expressive capabilities, portable,... More >>

  • Feel the Fire

    published November 4, 2010

    When you think of University City, you no doubt think of all the amenities and cultural assets a cosmopolitan, urban area can purvey. You probably... More >>

  • Ghouls on Parade

    published October 27, 2010

    Any time of year is a good time to visit our near neighbor, Alton, Illinois. The historic old town has a nice riverine vibe to it and lots of... More >>

  • Tree-mendous

    published October 20, 2010

    Oak trees in their myriad varieties are so ubiquitous that it's easy to overlook their significance. As a stout tree rich in cultural, historical,... More >>

  • Women of the West

    published October 13, 2010

    The story we've been told of the American West has been primarily a male one. We know all about the men who built the railroads, decimated the... More >>

  • Only 80 Games After Today

    published October 6, 2010

    It hasn't always been easy watching the St. Louis Blues' fortunes ebb and flow over the past few years, but patience and faith in a Stanley... More >>

  • Break the Ice

    published October 6, 2010

    If you're with us, you're of the opinion that any hockey is good hockey (and you are with us — we're sharing the same figurative booth and... More >>

  • The Great Caber Caper

    published September 29, 2010

    Like any peoples throughout history, the Scots have dispersed around the world, and wherever proud Scotsmen and Scotswomen dwell, so lives the... More >>

  • Let's Ban Banning

    published September 29, 2010

    Blame it on Pope Paul IV. To shield Catholics from controversial ideas, in 1557 he published the Index of Prohibited Books. Paul was... More >>

  • The Other Play About Insects

    published September 22, 2010

    Is it something in the pilsner? One wonders how a small country, the Czech Republic (and its former self, Czechoslovakia), has birthed so many... More >>

  • Smile for the Birdy

    published September 22, 2010

    What good artists do is continually reintroduce us to a bedrock reality subsumed beneath the contemporary strata of noise, distraction, and visual... More >>

  • Is it True the Romans had Mice?

    published September 8, 2010

    The Carthaginian general Hannibal's invasion of northern Italy in 218 BC was one of the most daring campaigns in history. With tens of thousands... More >>

  • The Culture of Vultures

    published September 1, 2010

    Ongoing scientific research has proven what's always been clear intuitively: Humans and the nonhuman beings we live among share a profound bond.... More >>

  • A Life in Pictures

    published August 25, 2010

    "The Mississippi is well worth reading about. It is not a commonplace river, but on the contrary is in all ways remarkable." Mark Twain wrote that... More >>

  • Always I Fight On

    published August 11, 2010

    So technology dominates your life? Try being in the military. U.S. forces are equipped with the most advanced technological fighting tools in... More >>

  • A Raft of Adventures

    published February 24, 2010

    It's a big year for fans of that deep-down American genius and native Missourian Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The man better known as Mark Twain was... More >>

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