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  • Light This City

    published November 21, 2007

    Fronted by iron maiden Laura Nichol, Light This City plays mesmerizing dual-guitar harmonies that recall power-metal's prime. This San... More >>

  • The Action Design

    published November 21, 2007

    After Tsunami Bomb's 2005 split, bassist Matt McKenzie and vocalist Emily "Agent M" Whitehurst formed the Action Design, a project that... More >>

  • Xasthur

    published November 14, 2007

    Xasthur's albums are like the musical manifestation of the dementors, the cloaked Harry Potter ghouls whose mere presence robs people of... More >>

  • Chiodos

    published October 17, 2007

    Songwriters commonly use the follow-up to breakthrough albums as vehicles for introspection, but Chiodos' Craig Owens gets intensely —... More >>

  • Underoath

    published October 10, 2007

    Last year, Underoath appeared on Alternative Press' cover, posed unsmilingly above the phrase "Our future is at stake." The group... More >>

  • Machine Head

    published October 3, 2007

    In 2003, Machine Head made metal's most triumphant comeback, shrugging off 1999's rap-rock mishap Burning Red with an album... More >>

  • Dio of Reckoning

    published September 19, 2007

    Back for his third stint as Black Sabbath vocalist, 65-year-old Ronnie James Dio retains his booming vibrato, his commanding stage presence and... More >>

  • Tub Ring

    published June 20, 2007

    Tub Ring plays tight, progressive songs about unusual subjects ("Killers in Love," "Requiem for a Robot") with darting surf-style leads,... More >>

  • Electrelane

    published June 6, 2007

    Electrelane's 2001 debut, Rock It to the Moon, was almost entirely instrumental, a maze of atmospheric tangents and swirling guitar... More >>

  • 2007 RFT Music Showcase

    published May 30, 2007

    My second day in St. Louis after moving here to become the RFT's music editor happened to coincide with the 2005 Music Awards presentation... More >>

  • Nekromantix

    published May 16, 2007

    Undoubtedly one of the most disgusting films ever, Nekromantik graphically depicts a fetishistic couple's ill-fated sexual obsession with a... More >>

  • Cannibal Corpse

    published May 2, 2007

    While best known for its grotesque record covers and graphically vile subject matter, Cannibal Corpse doesn't really capitalize on either... More >>

  • Shiner

    published May 2, 2007

    "Evolution is just a theory," Allen Epley quips cryptically at the beginning of Shiner's just-reissued 1999 EP, Making Love. Musically... More >>

  • Lacuna Coil / Shadows Fall

    published April 25, 2007

    Shadows Fall's success has vindicated two marginalized groups: white dudes with dreadlocks and metal vocalists who can carry a tune. Singer... More >>

  • B-Sides clears up any confusion between metalheads Celtic Frost and Irish folkies Celtic Woman.

    published April 11, 2007

    If there's one thing that PBS viewers hate more than intrusive solicitations, it's merchandise that bears a misleading resemblance to their... More >>

  • Whether they’re playing all-ages venues or arenas, indie superstars the Faint make their fans dance, dance, dance.

    published March 14, 2007

    On June 27, 2000, an impressive yet unheralded group of underground bands coalesced in Kansas City. The bill at the all-ages club El Torreon... More >>

  • Terror

    published January 17, 2007

    Terror's Scott Vogel, who sports a Gang Starr tattoo, among many others, yielded vocal duties on a track from his band's 2006 album,... More >>

  • Bent Left

    published January 10, 2007

    Bent Left's liberal-leaning moniker seems apt, given the group's self-proclaimed goal of "doing our best to change the world." However, the... More >>

  • Jazzercise

    published January 3, 2007

    If casual music fans know just one Bad Plus song, it's probably the jazz trio's revelatory rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which... More >>

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