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2006 Stories by Brooke Foster

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  • 2006: The Year in Music

    published December 27, 2006

    More >>

  • Au Revoir, 2006!

    published December 27, 2006

    The great American sage Barry Manilow once lamented, "It's just another New Year's Eve, another night like all the rest." With all due respect, we... More >>

  • Picture Perfect

    published December 20, 2006

    In a Dallas suburb, right this very minute, a certain man (we call him "Dad") seethes. He walks to the window. He hopes something has changed. No... More >>

  • Around the World in Eleven Days

    published November 8, 2006

    The St. Louis International Film Festival isn't Telluride or Toronto. Out-of-town cinephiles don't plan their year around it; paparazzi don't pack... More >>

  • Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    published October 18, 2006

    Bookish and breezy, inward and outward, folksy and metal, a singer-songwriter and a band — John Darnielle is the lonely and beloved voice,... More >>

  • Say Hi To Your Mom / Evangelicals

    published October 11, 2006

    The cover art for each of Say Hi to Your Mom's four LPs is so adorable, so pastel-pretty and whimsical, that one half-expects a parade of... More >>

  • Toast the Provost of Ghosts

    published October 11, 2006

    No offense to the low-whistling, wall-thumping specter that haunts the RFT editorial department ('sup, dude? Please stop scaring the... More >>

  • Music Showcase Schedule

    published September 6, 2006

    Best Blues Artist Bennie Smith The royal pantheon of blues guitar is... More >>

  • The Market Is for Lovers

    published August 23, 2006

    Not to sound obsessive or anything, but we'd like to eat arancini — those delicious Italian rice balls that taste like the lovechild... More >>

  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

    published August 9, 2006

    Will Oldham is both everywhere and nowhere. As the Palace Brothers, he transforms folksy tropes into stark, sinister rock, his voice a rusty knife... More >>

  • The Masked Man Plays Again!

    published June 28, 2006

    In our office, "The Music of the Night" means only one thing: Herr Nacht's extensive (some would say "frightening") collection of grindcore... More >>

  • How Sweet the Sounds

    published May 24, 2006

    It's the morning after a great summer concert. The alarm clock shrieks into your already-ringing ears; your not-insignificant hangover makes the... More >>

  • Lila Downs

    published May 3, 2006

    Drawing inspiration from points both north and south of the border, Lila Downs crafts music that is at once highly sensual and deeply... More >>

  • Placebo

    published May 3, 2006

    The pot-'n'-sex paean "Pure Morning" may have given British glam-rockers Placebo stateside recognition, and the irresistible single "Every You... More >>

  • Garrison Starr/Rhett Miller

    published April 12, 2006

    While many wide-eyed young musicians set out for Nashville, singer-songwriter Garrison Starr began her career on the grittier — yet... More >>

  • Calexico

    published April 12, 2006

    If writers received five bucks each time we employed a hyphen, then Calexico's country-jazz-surf-pop-Cumbia-rock songs could easily keep us... More >>

  • David Is Goliath

    published April 12, 2006

    David Sedaris is not promoting a book. He's also not selling handmade socks or directing a version of The Cherry Orchard with an... More >>

  • Middlesex

    published April 12, 2006

    We could always use a little extra cash, but the past week has found us particularly penniless (thanks a lot, Duke). So when we heard rumblings... More >>

  • Josh Ritter

    published April 5, 2006

    When it comes to accolades, 29-year-old Josh Ritter has 'em to burn. He's been called "a young songwriter who finds extravagant romance in the... More >>

  • Hello, Moon

    published March 22, 2006

    Listen, boys and girls: A long time ago — yes, before you or I or the Toronto music scene were even born — some very wrong people had a... More >>

  • Out of Africa

    published March 22, 2006

    The African Film Festival's Traveling Series offers eight films from seven nations — and an all-too-rare glimpse into the life and art of... More >>

  • Caulk the Wagon

    published March 15, 2006

    Back when we were kids — no older than seven or eight, mind you — we traveled the Oregon Trail. With only a few scraps of food, a leaky... More >>

  • Sarah Harmer

    published March 8, 2006

    Sarah Harmer's newest album, I'm a Mountain, finds the Canadian singer-songwriter trading in some of her poppier sensibilities for... More >>

  • Third Time's a Charm

    published February 22, 2006

    People are talking about the True/False Film Festival. Wait, not just talking — effusing. Lauding the festival's... More >>

  • Hello, Muddah. Hello, Fadduh.

    published February 22, 2006

    We're so super-excited for the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis' Dada Ball that we've been trying to live in the most Dada-esque way possible.... More >>

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