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2009 Stories by Brooke Foster

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  • Hypothesis: Science Rocks

    published September 30, 2009

    Science is the humming engine that keeps our world running. Science repairs busted satellites and broken bones. Shout it from the rooftops:... More >>

  • 2009 Visual Arts MasterMind: Cameron Fuller

    published August 26, 2009

    The taxidermied fox isn't the first thing you notice when you walk into Cameron Fuller's studio. While such a piece might be an instant... More >>

  • The World in Tower Grove

    published August 26, 2009

    St. Louis is not just a city that welcomes newcomers; it is a city that gives new Americans the opportunity to thrive in their adopted home. By... More >>

  • Food on the Wing

    published August 19, 2009

    When was the last time you appreciated creatures in your garden? You certainly didn't rejoice as slugs slimed their way through your rows of prize... More >>

  • Art Across the Ocean

    published July 29, 2009

    A soaring and inspiring work of art itself, the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis continues to bring excellent exhibits to its minimalist Loop... More >>

  • Grip It and Sip It

    published July 22, 2009

    For every sticky-hot, thirst-inducing St. Louis summer day, there are a dozen ways to quench that thirst. You can purchase a 75-cent cup of... More >>

  • Sound It Out

    published July 15, 2009

    The shaking legs. The sweaty palms. The seemingly interminable walk to the microphone, when you know that everyone is staring at you, breaths... More >>

  • Heavenly Hosts

    published July 8, 2009

    You love baseball. You live baseball. You are baseball. And, right now, there's a baseball-shaped hole in your heart that can only be... More >>

  • Viva Joy

    published June 24, 2009

    There are few things in life that provide sheer, unadulterated, giggle-provoking joy. How fortunate, then, that Summerfest in Olivette (at... More >>

  • Forty Years On

    published June 17, 2009

    In June 1969, a homophobia-driven police raid on a Greenwich Village bar provoked immediate and violent uprisings. The Stonewall Riots, as they... More >>

  • Grizzlies, Man

    published June 10, 2009

    Drive just a few minutes past the gleaming lights and red-brick heft of Busch Stadium, and you'll find a ballpark that pays homage to a different... More >>

  • Mmm, Turkish Delight

    published June 3, 2009

    Talk about passing the test of time: C.S. Lewis' classic allegory, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, has enchanted us for... More >>

  • Flex Your Cylinder Heads

    published May 27, 2009

    Want some good automotive news for a change? Chrysler is turning a profit! Not really. But it is possible to utter "cars" and "fun" in the same... More >>

  • Summertime St. Louis: Sweet Music, Sweet Prices. A summer's worth of concerts that won't put you in the poorhouse.

    published May 20, 2009

    For years we've filled this space with concert suggestions, exhorted you to peel yourself out of the lawn chair and go hear some tunes.... More >>

  • Heart of the World

    published May 20, 2009

    For many, St. Louis is not just a home but a refuge. But no matter how safe the environment, no matter how warm the welcome, a new home can never... More >>

  • Cold Hard Facts

    published May 13, 2009

    Two penguins are standing on an iceberg. Penguin No. 1 says to Penguin No. 2, "Looks like you're wearing a tuxedo." Penguin No. 2 replies,... More >>

  • Free to All

    published May 6, 2009

    In an economy such as this, even the most ardent supporters of the arts find it difficult to keep up their financial commitments. Symphony tickets... More >>

  • Cherokee Comes Alive

    published April 29, 2009

    We're quickly rounding the corner on another May 5, and not a moment too soon. As fun to celebrate as it is to say, Cinco de Mayo gives late... More >>

  • Don't Get Depressed, Get Crafty

    published April 22, 2009

    Lately, just the word "economy" provokes the same involuntary shudders as the phrases "clown porn" or "pimiento cheese." (OK, maybe that's just... More >>

  • Planet Party

    published April 15, 2009

    These days, you can't swing a canvas grocery bag full of CFL bulbs without hitting something "green." Not that we're complaining: When was the... More >>

  • Absinthe Minded?

    published April 8, 2009

    Pssst. Want to try some absinthe? Good news: Thanks to loosened regulations, you can answer in the affirmative without having to book a... More >>

  • Spicy, Sexy Circus

    published April 1, 2009

    If the phrase "erotic circus" leads you to imagine clowns in negligees, then you owe it to yourself (and to your ability to ever sleep... More >>

  • Love, Iranian Style

    published February 4, 2009

    Marjan and Alex Tehrani were just toddlers when the Islamic Revolution engulfed Iran. But even though the U.S.-born siblings never lived in their... More >>

  • Barley and Me

    published January 21, 2009

    Blithering Idiot! Old Foghorn! Wait: What's that? Is Great-Uncle Maurice drunkenly shouting epithets at Sunday dinner again? No, no — those... More >>

  • Rhone, Rhone on the Range

    published January 7, 2009

    Howdy, cowboy. Tired of saddlin’ up and ridin’ to the local saloon, only to find uninspired wine lists full of grocery-store selections?... More >>

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