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  • 2006 - Arizona Press Club Awards, published June 30, 2005

    "S#&t Storm"

2000 Stories by Bruce Rushton

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  • The Buck Stops Here

    published December 27, 2000

    Barely 200 yards from his pickup, Bob Raithel reaches the edge of a meadow and looks down. There, he sees the first sign.Tracks. Lots of them.... More >>

  • Speed Demons

    published December 13, 2000

    They are not, they insist, crazy. Or unsafe. Or any of the other things you may think about someone who rides a motorcycle through freeway traffic... More >>

  • Jackpot

    published December 6, 2000

    The Missouri Gaming Commission talked tough back in October, when Station Casinos executives threatened to snub them.The commission was... More >>

  • Porn in the USA

    published November 29, 2000

    Heartland Bank bills itself as a paragon of Midwestern values. Chartered as a savings and loan in 1887, the bank is one of the oldest in... More >>

  • Joker's Wild

    published November 1, 2000

    Michael K. Lazaroff was in free fall.Once the state's premier casino lawyer, Lazaroff was on his way to becoming Missouri's best-known white... More >>

  • The Hummer King

    published September 6, 2000

    When Bob Fritz took a test drive, the salesman offered him more than an ordinary spin down I-70. Fritz went flying and bouncing over logs and... More >>

  • Road Warriors

    published August 23, 2000

    Farmers gather at the Fountain Inn to sip beer, play cards and talk about the price of corn, soybeans and wheat. When the Rams play, the regulars... More >>

  • Logan's Run

    published July 26, 2000

    It's 7 a.m. here in the food court at the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta, too early for shoppers. The concourses, except for store employees... More >>

  • Truth and Consequences

    published July 12, 2000

    The protagonist in Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City" steps off a bus and is promptly arrested by New York City's finest, who move in when a... More >>

  • Welcome to Brooklyn

    published July 5, 2000

    Dressed in a black suit and red shirt, with chains draped over his body, Imanuel Reed looks more like the Rev. Al Sharpton than an environmental... More >>

  • Where the Sun Don't Shine

    published June 14, 2000

    James Spradlin knew he had a slam-dunk when he sued the Fulton City Council for holding secret meetings. The way he figured it, elected officials... More >>

  • Angel Eyes

    published May 31, 2000

    Minutes after the pack of 20-some Hell's Angels and friends has roared away, Lisa Greening braces herself for a visit to Duff's Restaurant across... More >>

  • Nothing Left to Lose

    published May 10, 2000

    Frustrated by everything from lack of showers to lack of education, inmates at Illinois' toughest prison have launched a hunger strike. More... More >>

  • Their Ticket Out

    published May 3, 2000

    For a town at the entrance to the nation's 11th-busiest airport, Edmundson is a quiet place. On a spring day in the small town, you can still... More >>

  • Card Sharks

    published April 19, 2000

    A new stadium for the St. Louis Cardinals sounds like a good deal for everyone. Just listen to the baseball team's owners: There would... More >>

  • What about Bob?

    published March 29, 2000

    It's another Wednesday afternoon in Commissioner Barbara Peebles' downtown courtroom, where 25 defendants are waiting their turn to speak to the... More >>

  • Pot Luck

    published February 23, 2000

    Jim Hammond had just emptied his pockets for a robber who'd broken into his home and threatened him with a gun. Now he had a decision to make. He... More >>

  • Cruel and Usual

    published February 16, 2000

    Mark Freeman has shackles on his ankles and a lot on his mind. The 40-year-old killer -- all 5 feet 9 inches and 203 pounds of him -- leans... More >>


    published February 2, 2000

    What began as a trickle of protests three years ago has turned into a flood as businesses and municipalities across the state face a staggering... More >>


    published January 12, 2000

    Dreaming is free. Stadiums cost money. So it is that plans for a new ballpark for the St. Louis Cardinals remain murky more than a year after the... More >>

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