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  • Dancing Dandies and DeLoreans

    published July 26, 2012

    In a time of unpredictable violence, economic crisis and political attack ads, it's important to appreciate life's simple pleasures -- like good... More >>

  • Confronting Constraints and Blurring Boundaries

    published June 7, 2012

    The titles "Blur" and "Over the Edge" recall a certain '90s Britpop band and a film about a pack of troubled youths. They'll be re-purposed for... More >>

  • The Summer of '69

    published July 12, 2012

    You can layer Instagram filters over iPhone photos until you get that vintage feel, but there's nothing like the real thing. Dennis Saffne, a... More >>

  • Collaborating Over the First Course

    published July 19, 2012 provides a platform on which creative thinkers introduce their ideas to the world with palms... More >>

  • The Fourth Annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week Kicks Off this Saturday

    The Fourth Annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week Kicks Off this Saturday

    published Jul 25, 2012

    An able St. Louisan who doesn't indulge in the occasional craft brew is nearly as blasphemous as a vegetarian in Memphis. (Although we commend the willpower of each.) And with our city's grandiose com... More >>

  • La voyage dans la lune

    published July 19, 2012

    Georges Melies, a revolutionary French filmmaker who pioneered then-revolutionary special effects, has been celebrated much as of late... More >>

  • Double Bogey

    published July 5, 2012

    Golf is a kick-back sport -- it requires skill, of course, but its low impact and leisurely pace (the walking often aided with golf carts, etc.)... More >>

  • Who Ya Gonna Call?

    published July 12, 2012

    Bill Murray is the coolest person on the planet. Need proof? Dude is a ghostbuster who More >>

  • Was She Asking For It?

    published July 12, 2012

    It's certainly not a cheery thought, but women (and men) of all shapes, sizes, ethnic groups and styles of dress fall victim to sexual assault.... More >>

  • Gettin' Wiggy With It

    published July 12, 2012

    This Saturday Wigstomp takes over the Grove (Manchester Avenue between Sarah and Kentucky roads). The 'Stomp is St. Louis' answer to New... More >>

  • A Whole New World

    published July 5, 2012

    This summer the Muny takes you on a magic carpet ride with its production of Disney's Aladdin. Performances are at 8:15 p.m.... More >>

  • It's Almost Mastermind Time: Purchase Artopia Tickets Now, Save $15

    published Jul 16, 2012

    Each autumn we set aside an issue to give the St. Louis arts community an affectionate, celebratory bear hug -- and a big pile of cash to further their creative endeavors. The tradition continues this... More >>

  • Let Them Eat Art Takes Over Downtown Maplewood

    published Jul 12, 2012

    Seven years ago, an art-starved resident came to Rachelle L'Ecuyer, director of community development for the city of Maplewood, with an idea. Why not host an art festival in the streets, featuring Ma... More >>

  • Daddy Issues

    published June 14, 2012

    The Team Lump artist collective began in Raleigh, North Carolina, but has expanded its reach to Brooklyn, Chicago, Seattle and, now, St. Louis.... More >>

  • Science Fiction Double Feature

    published July 5, 2012

    The Tivoli invites seasoned pros and "virgins" alike to join them for a late night screening of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture... More >>

  • A Beautiful Affliction

    published July 5, 2012

    Those afflicted with the neurological condition synesthesia see the world in an isolated, but fascinating, dreamlike way. Words are assigned a... More >>

  • Chrissy Wilmes

    Be the Ball: The Fox on the Fairway is no Caddyshack — but it's up to par

    published July 12, 2012

    A sport that evokes images of privileged men in grotesque outfits (mixed prints! plus fours!) strolling (or riding in a cart) along manicured... More >>

  • Ain't Misbehavin'

    published May 31, 2012

    Stages St. Louis kicks off its 2012 season with Ain't Misbehavin', featuring the music of Fats Waller. Performances take place at... More >>

  • Redefining "Diva"

    published June 28, 2012

    The word "diva" gets thrown around a lot, and its meaning has devolved to a pejorative point in recent years. What once described a talented... More >>

  • Man, Increasingly Horizontal and Handsy, Serenades His Cat with Some Seal

    published Jul 05, 2012

    Deprivation has become a theme for this summer: lack of rain, firework bans, Seal cancelling his stop in St. Louis. Naturally, we took to the Internet, desperately seeking something to fill the void n... More >>

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    published May 24, 2012

    While life as a teen has never been as difficult as it is in 2012, it's also never been this interesting. Along with 21st-century freedom of... More >>

  • <i>Magic Mike</i> and Sausage Syndicate

    Magic Mike and Sausage Syndicate

    published Jul 03, 2012

    Try not to get too jealous, now. But Gut Check spent our Friday night in a movie theater packed with a 90 percent female crowd in a sold-out theater at Galleria 6 Cinemas (Saint Louis Galleria, Richmo... More >>

  • Mule Variations

    published May 24, 2012

    Did you know Missouri's state animal is the mule? It's true. And we know what you're thinking -- "Show me!" Kim Carr plans to do just that with... More >>

  • Like a Boss

    published June 21, 2012

    Iron-calfed, spandex-clad hot shots make commuter cycling look at once effortless and intimidating. And while taking your cycle to the streets is... More >>

  • Trapped in the Closet

    published May 17, 2012

    Ibn Shabazz's Insidious shares a surprising number of themes with R. Kelly's 22-chapter opus: infidelity, addiction, unpredictable... More >>

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