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  • '03, Oh My!

    published December 31, 2003

    Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this story; see end of article. As 2003 dies out, the year isn't suggesting any easy... More >>

  • Various Artists

    published December 10, 2003

    Remember those A Very Special Christmas compilations from the late '80s/ early '90s? They were star-studded affairs, with some good (U2,... More >>

  • Geoff Kessell

    published December 10, 2003

    Writing a modern Christmas song is a harrowing task. Most songwriters take one of two routes: You can be sappy and overly precious, or you can be... More >>

  • Mondo Topless with The Gentlemen Callers and Tomorrow's Caveman

    published November 19, 2003

    Like almost all tags that rock critics put on musical styles, the term "garage rock" has lost its meaning. It seems like anything sloppy, lo-fi,... More >>

  • Bone Up

    published November 5, 2003

    Musically speaking, St. Louis can be an embarrassing town. Picture this scene at the Way Out Club a few weeks back: Head of Femur, an eight-piece... More >>

  • Paul Westerberg

    published October 29, 2003

    How to Write a Paul Westerberg CD Review in Three Easy Steps: 1. Give the former Replacements main man credit where it's due: The 'Mats... More >>

  • Punk-Folking-Rock!

    published October 22, 2003

    Who are the "folk" in American folk music? Are they the grizzled people of the Appalachian Mountains, picking on a hand-hewn dulcimer with... More >>

  • Eastern Youth with Cursive and The Blood Brothers

    published October 1, 2003

    Sometimes it's better to be blissfully unaware. Take listening to music in foreign languages: Do you need to know what Serge Gainsbourg is saying... More >>

  • The Stellas

    published July 30, 2003

    You know, the press almost writes itself for the Stellas: Another boy-girl, guitar-and-drums duo comes through town, complete with an... More >>

  • Yo La Tengo

    published May 14, 2003

    There will probably never be a bad Yo La Tengo record: Too much invention and too many good ideas keep the group's projects from going completely... More >>

  • High (and Dry) Fidelity

    published May 7, 2003

    As with everything else, change is a constant in music. Tastes change, styles evolve -- even the way we listen to music continues to become more... More >>

  • Lisa Germano

    published April 16, 2003

    Lisa Germano has paid her dues, spending most of her career as violinist of choice for the good (Neil Finn), the bad (Bob Seger) and the ugly... More >>

  • Aislers Set and the Quails with Hella

    published April 2, 2003

    Indie pop always gets a bad rap. Folks complain that itís too effete, too twee, too precious to be of any real worth. From the first track of th... More >>

  • Various Artists

    published February 5, 2003

    We didn't know we needed it, but here it is: the first-ever Elvis Costello tribute album. And though most tribute albums serve only to make the... More >>

  • Cursive with Neva Dinova and Low Skies

    published January 15, 2003

    So what in the hell does Omaha have that St. Louis doesn't? Solid Midwestern values? Good private schools? No, we've got those in spades. For... More >>

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