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    published October 27, 1999

    IF SEEING IS BELIEVING, FILMMAKER GEORGE Hickenlooper would have a difficult time winning converts.It's not that he's lazy: Since 1991,... More >>

  • 2000 Seen By ...

    published September 15, 1999

    More delirium induced by millennial fever, 2000 Seen By ... gives a group of filmmakers leave to vamp on end-of-the-century themes.... More >>

  • 2000 Seen By ...

    published September 8, 1999

    More delirium induced by millennial fever, 2000 Seen By ... gives a half-dozen filmmakers leave to vamp on end-of-the-century themes.... More >>


    published July 28, 1999

    A glossily packaged Hollywood star vehicle with a happily-ever-after ending seems an unlikely fave for the cultured proprietors of Left Bank... More >>


    published July 21, 1999

    Although he purportedly retired way back in 1982 with the wondrous Fanny and Alexander, the 80-year-old Ingmar Bergman remains one of the... More >>

  • Bob Dylan and Paul Simon

    published July 7, 1999

    Early-'60s folk singers with hidden rock & roll roots, Simon and Dylan were mutual admirers; Simon, like all good folkies of the era, paid homage... More >>

  • Festival of Light

    published June 9, 1999

    The fourth annual Jewish Film Festival plays June 13-16 at the West Port Cine, Page & I-270, and June 17 at the Jewish Community Center (JCC)'s... More >>

  • Boy Wonder

    published June 2, 1999

    The Winslow Boy Written and directed by David Mamet David Mamet, famous for his in-your-face characters, brutal and frequently raunchy... More >>

  • Star Treatment

    published May 26, 1999

    Notting Hill Directed by Roger Mitchell Maybe it's the damned blinking thing, because it's not simply the foppish hair and boyish face... More >>

  • Lights Fantastic

    published May 12, 1999

    The critical reputation of Charlie Chaplin has dimmed slightly in recent years, thrown into shadow by the spotlight trained on his silent-comedian... More >>

  • Foul Ball

    published May 5, 1999

    A lost tribe wandering in the baseball desert during the late 1970s -- a chronic noncontender suffering from 90-loss seasons, an eroding fan base... More >>

  • Reality Check

    published March 31, 1999

    A comic, quasi-documentary look at director/ writer/star Myles Berkowitz's search for love, 20 Dates so successfully blurs the line between... More >>

  • Short Cuts

    published March 24, 1999

    FINE FOR PARKING: In the last two years, there were 891,408 times drivers in St. Louis found something on their windshields more repulsive than... More >>

  • Town Without Pity

    published February 17, 1999

    AFFLICTION Written and directed by Paul Schrader In the archetypal dead-end town of Lawford, N.H., cold-eyed men looking for trouble... More >>

  • The Art of War

    published January 13, 1999

    THE THIN RED LINE Written and directed by Terrence Malick Writer/director Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line, the filmmaker's... More >>

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