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  • Sunny, One So True

    published December 25, 2002

    She could easily be mistaken for a Prada model -- thin like a strong vine, her short-cropped black Korean hair glowing with blond highlights, a... More >>

  • No Dancing

    published December 11, 2002

    Leave it to a dancer to recognize what a beleaguered quarterback needs."Kurt Warner needs some dance training," says Angela Culbertson, a few... More >>

  • Sex and the City

    published November 13, 2002

    It's not nearly as hot as Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd dancing the tango in Frida. Not even close."Oh, how the fresh warmth of your... More >>

  • Hard Ride

    published October 30, 2002

    The pretty blonde sitting in the dusty bleachers with her wide-eyed two-year-old remembers her boyfriend's first rodeo ride. Scott Schwer had been... More >>

  • Rebel With a Cause

    published October 30, 2002

    Missourians maintain a perverse affection for their most violent native son, Jesse James. T.J. Stiles, author of a new and controversial James... More >>

  • Save the Earth

    published October 23, 2002

    "Twenty tons of earth takes a lot of maintenance," says Glen Gentele. "I was out there the other day pulling weeds."Gentele has been executive... More >>

  • The Old Ballgame

    published October 2, 2002

    Charles "Chuck" Korr leans, arguably, to the side of labor in the ongoing disputes between baseball players and owners. But as a historian, and... More >>

  • Stop Making Sense

    published September 18, 2002

    The day before Christian Jankowski gives a multimedia presentation of his work in Washington University's Steinberg Hall, he considers a... More >>

  • Glazed Over

    published September 4, 2002

    Shards of clay tile lie at the base of the floodwall. The ceramic body of a gold-and-brown snake, undulating gorgeously amid tiles decorated with... More >>

  • Make a Date

    published August 21, 2002

    Long before video and DVD and IFC, the coolest of the cool wore black turtlenecks and let their bangs grow long into their eyes. They smoked... More >>

  • Father Knows Best

    published August 14, 2002

    A professor closes the door to his office. Piles of books and papers have not yet found their way into boxes. He pulls out stacks of memos and... More >>

  • River View

    published August 7, 2002

    The tailgate parties got to be too much for them.Nita Turnage and Hap Phillips were living in an old, still functioning hardwood-importing... More >>

  • SLU of Despond

    published July 24, 2002

    Two deer burst from under the footbridge. The fawn, still spotted in mid-July, runs close to the ground like a greyhound until it leaps on springy... More >>

  • To Dwell in Possibility

    published July 10, 2002

    Carolyn Toft hops in the truck and asks, "Where do you want to go?" Toft is dressed in a gold theme today: dull-gold slacks, a lighter-colored... More >>

  • Wasted Space

    published June 26, 2002

    The most offensive work of art in St. Louis can be found on the second floor of the newly opened St. Louis University Museum of Art. A bronze... More >>

  • Bloodwork

    published June 19, 2002

    Naked woman on a gravel road.A stunning shot: the soft, round beauty of the woman contrasting with the coarse, gray stone. Enter... More >>

  • View of a Hanging

    published June 12, 2002

    Three strong men push the large, red crate across the floor of the St. Louis Art Museum special exhibitions gallery. The crate is marked with its... More >>

  • Jeffersonian Ideals

    published June 5, 2002

    "I didn't have a budget," says Jane Pesek, who functions under the adaptable title of director of development at Thomas Jefferson School. In her... More >>

  • Honk If You Love Vonk

    published May 15, 2002

    We enjoy the heavenly pleasures,/so we avoid all earthly things," read the lyrics -- poorly translated -- to the song that concludes Mahler's... More >>

  • Field of Schemes

    published May 8, 2002

    In the third-floor office space of his University City home, Jeff Clarke wears a headset as he listens to Tony Perkins complain about how many... More >>

  • Payback Time

    published May 1, 2002

    In Tulsa, Oklahoma, author James Hirsch caught a glimpse of the fire next time. Hirsch, a Clayton native, went to Tulsa after the success of... More >>

  • The Book of Huth

    published April 17, 2002

    In its fourth year, Venus Envy showed encouraging signs of maturity. The annual exhibition of women artists, which emerges with spring at... More >>

  • Deathwatch

    published April 3, 2002

    The opening frame contains the gaunt face of the terminally ill Robert O'Neal Fields. He talks about why he worked in the funeral business, why he... More >>

  • Phantom of the Opera House

    published March 27, 2002

    Not far from where Mayor Francis Slay and his Aldermanic Band celebrated the casting away of a derelict city's millions for luxury boxes and the... More >>

  • The Longest Day

    published March 20, 2002

    Shortly before 9 p.m. the crowd spread out in an extended 'company front,' stretching from west to east, and moved on the run northward to... More >>

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