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  • Chi-Chi Man Eye for the Straight Guy

    published October 20, 2004

    Long derided as "chi-chi men," gays furious about Jamaican artists' homophobic lyrics have launched a tactical counter-offensive that could impact... More >>

  • Luciano

    published August 18, 2004

    Born a simple country boy in rural Jamaica, Jepther McClymont, a.k.a. Luciano, has become the premier roots singer of his generation. As one of... More >>

  • KRS-One

    published August 4, 2004

    Mr. Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone isn't just any indie-label rapper. A certain first-ballot Hip-Hop Hall of Famer, this 1986... More >>

  • Can We Kick It?

    published April 7, 2004

    From a pop-culture standpoint, it's always an interesting sign when quality reissues trump current releases. Thing is, that's pretty much all the... More >>

  • KMD/Madvillain

    published April 7, 2004

    Hold it right there, kid. Before you go and jump on MF Doom's stainless-steel jock and proclaim him "the only hip-hop MC still getting... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 2004