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  • Dick's Got the Beat

    published December 15, 2004

    "I like Nelly. He's from St. Louis. He's a very good rapper. I like Eminem.... Oh, I don't listen to the lyrics. I just like the music. I like the... More >>

  • Walking Made Easy

    published December 8, 2004

    Now that you've got that damn pedometer strapped to your waist, you have to worry about how much you've walked each day. As if holiday time isn't... More >>

  • Oh, God!

    published November 10, 2004

    SAT 11/13 For the "trainspotting"-type fan of celebrity, the production of Say Goodnight, Gracie that plays at the Touhill... More >>

  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

    published November 3, 2004

    Love, death and religion: These have been common themes in Nick Cave's quarter-century-long career. He's been a junkie, a punk Baudelaire, the... More >>

  • Give Me Liberty!

    published October 20, 2004

    The first thing to appear onscreen during Doug Stanhope's latest comedy DVD, Deadbeat Hero, is "Liberty: The condition of being free from... More >>

  • Chi-Chi Man Eye for the Straight Guy

    published October 20, 2004

    Long derided as "chi-chi men," gays furious about Jamaican artists' homophobic lyrics have launched a tactical counter-offensive that could impact... More >>

  • The Faint

    published September 22, 2004

    Because of its synth-heavy sound, it would be very easy to lump the Faint in with the current '80s revival that's been floating on the fringes of... More >>

  • Bowling for Press

    published September 15, 2004

    Find out more about both bands at www.nothingstill.c om and More >>

  • My Chemical Romance

    published July 21, 2004

    My Chemical Romance has the pedigree one would expect from any... More >>

  • Xiu Xiu

    published July 21, 2004

    Imagine, if you will, that you've suffered a string of unimaginable tragedies. Your mother died a few years back, your father has committed... More >>

  • The Cure

    published July 14, 2004

    If artists stick around long enough, they always reach the same point: They move from being a vital creative force to just treading water -- doing... More >>

  • The Gods Must Be Crazy

    published June 9, 2004

    There was an age, many moons ago, when legends strode across the earth, when men were men, women were women, and all of them sang with shrieking... More >>

  • A 'Stache of Evil

    published May 12, 2004

    "Moustache is a symbol of repression and's the facial marking of the man who holds you down" -- or so an old punk-rock song would have... More >>

  • Supersuckers

    published April 28, 2004

    "If you got the goods, brother, bring it on/My mother done brought me up wrong" and "You know/I'm in league with Satan/You know/There's no... More >>

  • Irish Invasion

    published March 31, 2004

    The Mississippi River Celtic Music Festival -- the Tionól, or "assembly" -- is a weekend-long invasion of Irish musicians that will ease... More >>

  • WWE in the House

    published March 24, 2004

    SUN 3/28 Man, you must have really done something to piss off WrestleMania, because the WWE is bringing "WrestleMania Revenge" to the... More >>

  • Some Strings Attached

    published March 17, 2004

    SUN 3/21 You, sir or madam, should go fly a kite. You can either pick up one of those disposable plastic dealies from that cardboard... More >>

  • Elefant

    published March 17, 2004

    Diego Garcia is a unique artist in the realm of indie rock. He sings for a New York band, is a sharp dresser and has a name that makes him sound... More >>

  • Purl of Wisdom

    published March 10, 2004

    Is crafting the new thrift-store shopping? As high prices and tacky reproductions water down the appeal of vintage clothes, the only way to... More >>

  • Do Over

    published March 3, 2004

    TUES 3/9 Last spring, on the eve of Guided by Voices' "Earthquake Glue" tour, an early-morning conversation with Robert Pollard turned... More >>

  • Mastodon

    published February 11, 2004

    For millions of years, the American mastodon (scientific name Mammut americanum) roamed the plains. These giants stood eight to ten feet... More >>

  • Sex, Paralysis, the Usual

    published January 14, 2004

    MON 1/19 Monday's River Styx at Duff's authors bring to the Central West End restaurant stories of a drive-in movie screen... More >>

  • Brawl's Well

    published January 14, 2004

    SAT 1/17 "Professional wrestling isn't a sport." "You know that's fake, right?" Fans of the fine art of pro wrestling have long... More >>

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