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  • Monster Smash

    published May 5, 2004

    "We must keep the atmosphere electrified!" announces creepy Igor in reference to an abominable experiment in Van Helsing, but he... More >>

  • Teen Spleen

    published April 28, 2004

    One thing few may mention about Mean Girls is that it could have been unrelentingly terrible. It isn't -- it's actually pretty... More >>

  • Taking Office

    published April 14, 2004

    Rodney Bingenheimer is sitting down to dinner at an IHOP in Santa Barbara, California. Mayor of the Sunset Strip, St. Louisan George... More >>

  • Blarney Rubble

    published April 7, 2004

    As a proud sponsor of the Colin Farrell media blitz, Intermission opens on the lad's salable mug, basically sporting the same... More >>

  • Punk Monk

    published March 31, 2004

    It's a bit unorthodox to ladle superlatives all over a film in the opening paragraph, but The Reckoning deserves them. Moving,... More >>

  • Rites of Spring

    published March 3, 2004

    It is so very nice when a movie completely outstrips the expectations conjured by its trailer, as is the case with The Dreamers. At... More >>

  • Gettin' Windy in the City

    published February 4, 2004

    Whoops, franchise! Way back in 2002, who would have believed that a comedy starring rapper Ice Cube (né O'Shea Jackson) would be a hit, let... More >>

  • Pop It, Lock It, Yo

    published January 28, 2004

    Good day, friends and homies. I bring word of a project entitled You Got Served, which essays the task of appraising the current... More >>

  • Oh-la-la!

    published January 21, 2004

    Behold a tale of true love (between a boy and a bicycle), of tireless courage (from a bitty grandmother with a club foot) and of a very shocking... More >>

  • American Girl

    published January 14, 2004

    Not a lot of people know this, but our word "actress" is derived from the Greek phrase strumpetos luckyos, meaning "prostitute who somehow... More >>

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