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  • 2011 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published November 4, 2010

    "Jeffrey Plaza Jewel"

  • 2011 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published November 11, 2010

    "Near Beer"

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  • The Morning Brew: Monday, 11/12

    published Nov 12, 2007

    China tries to build public confidence in the safety of its food supply before next year's Olympics. (Guardian) This story probably won't help China's effforts. (The Age)... More >>

  • Drink Wine for Our Furry Friends

    published Nov 09, 2007

    Giraffe just told Lilly how much wine Ian drank for her sake. Free this evening? Want to help the St. Louis Fire Department protect our furry friends? Stop by "O: An Evening of Art and Win... More >>

  • Your Weekly Food Blog Digest

    published Nov 09, 2007

    A look at what's happening at some of our favorite St. Louis food blogs. A blog we're linking for the first time this week: Iron Stef. Here she and her mom go through ... More >>

  • A Few Other Tidbits from Michael Ruhlman's Class

    published Nov 09, 2007

    A few things that didn't really fit into the previous post on Ruhlman's The Elements of Cooking and the demonstration he gave at Viking Cooking School last night... First of all, I apologize for the... More >>

  • Thoughts on Michael Ruhlman's The Elements of Cooking

    published Nov 09, 2007

    "Fat is good." Michael Ruhlman wanted us to repeat after him. "Fat is good." Such simple lessons were at the heart of Ruhlman's demonstration last night at the Viking Cooking School in Brentwood: ... More >>

  • The Morning Brew: Friday, 11/9

    published Nov 09, 2007

    The well is dry today, my friends. Does anyone still follow the Atkins Diet? Here are more reasons to avoid it: heart disease. (Reuters) For those who like the sordid underbelly of the restaurant w... More >>

  • Michael Ruhlman at Viking, Borders and Gut Check

    published Nov 08, 2007

    As already mentioned, food writer Michael Ruhlman will be at Viking at 6:30 p.m. to promote his new book, The Elements of Cooking. This slim book offers a handy A-to-Z index of vital cooking terms, t... More >>

  • The Morning Brew: Thursday, 11/8

    published Nov 08, 2007

    Today we look at your health. (Not ours. Ours is screwed. But you can still save yourselves.) More pro-bacon backlash. Stop hatin' on bacon, fools. (Norwich Evening News) Tho... More >>

  • In This Week's Issue

    published Nov 07, 2007

    My review of the Indian restaurant Saffron is now available online. Click here to read. Also in this week's issue: Malcolm vs. the McRib. (Drink of the Week is on vacation at the moment.) -Ian Froe... More >>

  • Do It for the Environment

    published Nov 07, 2007

    Thank Jeanette for the distraction. -Ian Froeb... More >>

  • Questions for Michael Ruhlman: Last Call

    published Nov 07, 2007

    I hope to send off questions for Michael Ruhlman later this afternoon. As of now, yesterday's request has prompted exactly one question. (Thanks, Dan!) Don't be shy. Shoot me an email or leave a comm... More >>

  • Raita On

    published November 7, 2007

    Listen: Yours truly had come unstuck in time. One minute my wife and I were lingering over cappuccinos after a five-course dinner at... More >>

  • The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 11/7

    published Nov 07, 2007

    President Bush wants the FDA to have the authority to force the recall of contaminated products. (Forbes) A debate about what foods should be labeled "natural." Chicken inj... More >>

  • Review Preview: Saffron

    published Nov 06, 2007

    One minute my wife and I were lingering over cappuccinos after a five-course dinner at our honeymoon resort's premier restaurant, reminiscing about the incredible food we'd eaten that week: antojitos... More >>

  • Michael Ruhlman at Viking Thursday

    published Nov 06, 2007

    God among food writers Michael Ruhlman will be hosting a discussion and demonstration promoting his new book The Elements of Cooking at the Viking Cooking School (1811 South Brentwood Boulevard). The... More >>

  • Apparently, the New York Times Just Discovered Molecular Gastronomy

    published Nov 06, 2007

    Sweet! The dealership's waiting room has Wi-Fi! At any rate, some bonus Morning Brew for you: An article from the New York Times on the, uh, strange new techniques that avant-garde chefs have been u... More >>

  • The Morning Brew: Tuesday, 11/6

    published Nov 06, 2007

    In the wake of yet another recall, lots of criticism of how the federal government handles -- or doesn't handle -- oversight of food safety. (AP) Speaking of which: Confusion about U.S. plans for to... More >>

  • Restaurant Tidbit: Harvest

    published Nov 05, 2007

    Harvest (1059 South Big Bend Boulevard) is hosting two wine dinners this week. Thursday will feature wines from Bell Wines in Napa Valley; Friday will highlight German wines from Pinnacle Imports. As... More >>

  • The Morning Brew: Monday, 11/5

    published Nov 05, 2007

    In case you missed this weekend's news: Cargill has recalled 1 million pounds of ground beef because of possible E. coli contamination. (AP) Canada is having its own problems w... More >>

  • Yet Another E. Coli Outbreak

    published Nov 03, 2007

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekend for the following news: Ground beef. Cargill. E. Coli. (AP) Missouri and Illinois aren't affected by the recall, it seems. That's all for now. I gotta ... More >>

  • Happy Weekend

    published Nov 02, 2007 Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out Go! on STLog for info on cheese- and beer-related events. Whatever you do, eat something good. -Ian Froeb... More >>

  • Your Weekly Food Blog Digest

    published Nov 02, 2007

    A look at what's happening at some of our favorite St. Louis food blogs. Meet Mandy, the St. Louis food blogger behind Fresh from the Oven. This week Mandy indulges us... More >>

  • Do Not Mess With This Woman's Pork Chops

    published Nov 02, 2007

    My wife passed along this story from Jezebel. Should I worry about a subliminal message here? After discovering that her boyfriend of five years had eaten the pork chops she'd prepared for herself, ... More >>

  • The Morning Brew: Friday, 11/2

    published Nov 02, 2007

    So the American Institute for Cancer Research has released a massive new study detailing all the dietary factors that can cause cancer. (MarketWatch) The report's recomme... More >>

  • Breaking Damn News! Frozen Pizza Recall!

    published Nov 01, 2007

    Here we go again: General Mills has recalled Totino's and Jeno's brand frozen pizzas for possible E. coli contamination. (AP) -Ian Froeb... More >>

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