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  • 2011 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published November 4, 2010

    "Jeffrey Plaza Jewel"

  • 2011 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published November 11, 2010

    "Near Beer"

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  • Tampons Soaked in Vodka: Quick Drunk or Urban Myth? [Updated]

    published Nov 22, 2011

    Update: (Tuesday, November 22, 11:30 a.m.) Inevitably, perhaps, an intrepid blogger has tried the vodka-soaked tampon and reported on her efforts. Details follow the original post after the jump! ​... More >>

  • Salmonella Outbreak Brings Down Egg Mogul

    published Nov 22, 2011

    ​Yesterday, Gut Check related news of one disgraced egg supplier, Sparboe Farms. An activist group covertly videotaped Sparboe employees mistreating and even killing chickens under their care. McDon... More >>

  • Where to Shop for Last-Minute Groceries on Thanksgiving

    published Nov 21, 2011

    ​It's almost certainly happened to you -- likely more than once.You've begun your preparations for Thanksgiving dinner, your relatives are inbound, and you suddenly realize that you're out of milk o... More >>

  • British Baker Tries Groupon, Sells Cupcakes, Loses Shirt

    published Nov 21, 2011

    M​eet Rachel Brown. She owns a bakery called Need a Cake in Great Britain. In the average month, reports the Daily Mail, she sells about 100 cupcakes. Recently she offered a deal on her cupcakes thr... More >>

  • Ian Froeb

    Food Truck Fever, Part 2: The road goes on forever and the menu never ends

    published November 24, 2011

    In the few weeks since I filed the first installment of "Food Truck Fever," three new trucks have announced their imminent arrivals: one... More >>

  • BitterSweet Bakery to Close November 23

    published Nov 21, 2011

    ​BitterSweet Bakery (2200 Gravois Avenue; 314-771-3500) will close its doors on Wednesday, November 23, the bakery and restaurant announced on its Facebook page today. (Tip of the hat to George Mahe... More >>

  • McDonald's, Target Dump Egg Supplier Sparboe Farms After Video of Cruelty to Animals Airs

    published Nov 21, 2011

    ​McDonald's and Target have both dumped egg supplier Sparboe Farms after the release of a video showing multiple instances of animal cruelty at the supplier's facilities in Colorado, Iowa and Minnes... More >>

  • The Five Best Burgers in St. Louis

    The Five Best Burgers in St. Louis

    published Nov 18, 2011

    Selecting Riverfront Times' Best of St. Louis 2011 was no picnic. Choosing the winner meant several worthy candidates would go unmentioned -- until now. In this Gut Check series, we are chewing our wa... More >>

  • Tidbits from the Stable, Midtown, Hazelwood

    published Nov 18, 2011

    ​- Sauce reports that The Stable (1821 Cherokee Street; 314-771-8500) has changed its name to American Craft Standard Brewing & Distilling Co. Gut Check has a call in to Chris Hines, who took ov... More >>

  • Tea Fertilized by Panda Poop and Other Crap We Can't Afford

    published Nov 18, 2011

    ​How often have you stared at your cup of tea while it's steeping and thought, "You know, the only thing that could make this tea better would be if it had been fertilized in panda poop."If the answ... More >>

  • Put Some Pork in Your Porking With Bacon-Flavored Lube

    Put Some Pork in Your Porking With Bacon-Flavored Lube

    published Nov 17, 2011

    ​Our obsession with bacon and bacon-flavored objects has reached the point where even wildly improbable jokes are coming true.J&D's, maker of such novelties as bacon salt and bacon lip balm, has... More >>

  • Tidbits: Food Trucks, Food Trucks, Food Trucks

    published Nov 17, 2011

    ​Looks like I'll be filing many, many more editions of my "Food Truck Fever" reviews.- George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine reports that a new food truck called Hot Aztec is preparing to roll out. The ... More >>

  • Fiesta Modern Mexican Coming to Chesterfield

    published Nov 16, 2011

    ​My Post-Dispatch counterpart Joe Bonwich reported yesterday on a new restaurant coming to the former Blockbuster space near the intersection of Olive Boulevard and Chesterfield Parkway West in Ches... More >>

  • A Rant Against Pumpkin

    A Rant Against Pumpkin

    published Nov 16, 2011

    To celebrate Thanksgiving, Gut Check has been running a series of posts celebrating our pumpkin-flavored treats. To which I say: Bah, humbug.The primary function of a pumpkin should be decoration, eit... More >>


    Review + Slideshow: Liluma's Side Door

    published Nov 16, 2011

    ​Liluma's Side Door (236 North Euclid Avenue; 314-361-7771) is a restaurant inside a restaurant. Someone needs to tell the waitstaff that. My review of Liluma's Side Door is now available online,&nb... More >>

  • Ian Froeb

    Side Ways: Jim Fiala's latest is a great concept, but the execution's a little shaky

    published November 17, 2011

    The entrance to Liluma's Side Door is in fact the side door to Jim Fiala's popular Central West End bistro. It opens directly into what... More >>

  • Review Preview: Liluma's Side Door

    published Nov 15, 2011

    ​This week, I visit Liluma's Side Door (236 North Euclid Avenue; 314-361-7771), the restaurant-inside-a-restaurant concept from Jim Fiala. A sneak preview of my review is after the jump.The entrance... More >>

  • Agostino's Delays Opening in Fairview Heights

    published Nov 14, 2011

    ​Gut Check reported back in September on the new location of Agostino's Restaurant & Bar at 130 Ludwig Drive in Fairview Heights, Illinois. This replaces the previous location in Chesterfield, w... More >>

  • Pork Roast Takes Form of Piglet

    published Nov 14, 2011

    ​That, my friends, is not a fetal pig. It is not a piglet. It is a pork roast compressed and reshaped into the form of a piglet (or fetal pig, if you like, which you shouldn't). It is produced by an... More >>

  • The Simpsons Tackle the Food World

    published Nov 11, 2011

    I was in sixth grade when The Simpsons aired its first episode, so I can't say I've always longed for an episode about out our culture's current obsession with food and food-related TV. But for a long... More >>

  • Nominations Open for 2012 James Beard Foundation Awards

    published Nov 10, 2011

    ​There's no denying that the James Beard Foundation's annual awards ceremony is a swank, 1 percent shindig. What does one measly ticket to the event cost? Suffice to say, you could have scored a Wor... More >>

  • Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More Still Shuttered [Updated]

    published Nov 10, 2011

    ​Gut Check reported two weeks ago that Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More (6016 Delmar Boulevard; 314-721-7267) was forced to close temporarily after Ameren UE shut off its power due to an unpaid b... More >>

  • Name Dispute Remains a Matter of Taste

    published Nov 09, 2011

    This week's review of twinOak Wood Fired Fare (1201 Strassner Drive, Brentwood; 314-644-2772) mentions the controversy surrounding the restaurant's original name, Taste Wood Fired Fare. In discussing ... More >>

  • Review + Slideshow: twinOak Wood Fired Fare

    published Nov 09, 2011

    ​Pizza, wings and even steak, all cooked in a wood-burning oven at twinOak Wood Fired Fare (1201 Strassner Drive, Brentwood; 314-644-2772). Does it make a difference? My review of twinOak is now ava... More >>

  • Deer Crashes into Taco Joint, Presumably Does Not Get Tacos

    published Nov 09, 2011

    ​Well, I certainly know how it is: You're so desperate for a taco that you're willing to smash through a brick wall -- or a glass door -- to get one. I'd like to think that's what prompted the antic... More >>

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