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  • 2011 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published November 4, 2010

    "Jeffrey Plaza Jewel"

  • 2011 - Association of Food Journalists Awards, published November 11, 2010

    "Near Beer"

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  • Spice-n-Grill Reopens in University City

    published Dec 05, 2012

    Whenever a restaurant closes for "renovations," a savvy restaurant-goer hears alarm bells. Yes, some restaurants do go through with renovations. Often, though, it's code for "We are done." When Gut C... More >>

  • Trader Joe's "Butter Chicken" Recalled, but St. Louis Area OK

    published Dec 05, 2012

    First, the bad news: The USDA has alerted us to a Canadian recall of frozen butter chicken and basmati rice because of potential listeria contamination. The product from Aliya's Foods Limited in Can... More >>

  • Review + Slideshow: Pastaria

    published Dec 05, 2012

    Pastaria (7734 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton; 314-862-6603) continues Gerard Craft's remarkable winning streak. Plus, you can take the kids there with you. My review of Pastaria is now available online. ... More >>

  • Ian Froeb

    At Pastaria in Clayton, Gerard Craft and crew use their noodles

    published December 6, 2012

    You could easily overlook the most exciting dish at Pastaria, the... More >>

  • Entre's John Perkins Discusses Pop-Up Chicken Restaurant Le Coq and Future Plans

    Entre's John Perkins Discusses Pop-Up Chicken Restaurant Le Coq and Future Plans

    published Dec 04, 2012

    "I think chicken tends to get short-shrift," says John Perkins, the formerly anonymous chef behind the caterer-mobile kitchen-underground restaurant Entre. "This is a chance to rehabilitae its image -... More >>

  • Review Preview: Pastaria

    published Dec 04, 2012

    This week I visit the latest venture from Gerard Craft, along with executive chef Adam Altnether and executive sous chef Brian Moxey: Pastaria (7734 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton; 314-862-6603). You cou... More >>

  • More on New Food Truck Andrew's Bayou Ribs

    published Dec 03, 2012

    We told you last week about the latest (or one of the latest -- you never can be sure) additions to the St. Louis food-truck fleet: Andrew's Bayou Ribs. Today we had a chance to speak with Andrew Sim... More >>

  • Korea House (Han Gook Kwan) Closed?

    published Dec 03, 2012

    Over the weekend, a tipster told Gut Check via Twitter that Korea House, previously known as Han Gook Kwan, (1261 Castillons Arcade Plaza, Creve Coeur; 314-878-8893) wasn't open for dinner on Friday e... More >>

  • Ultimate Meatless Burgers: Meat? No. Listeria? Maybe.

    published Dec 03, 2012

    So maybe you don't have to ponder the ethical dilemma of eating meat when you tear open a package of Veggie Patch's Ultimate Meatless Burger. You do have to ponder the risk of listeria. Veggie Patch... More >>

  • More St. Louis Love from Eater, Food & Wine

    published Nov 30, 2012

    The national nods to St. Louis restaurants continue. We've already noted that, as part of its weeklong celebration of cocktails, national food-blogging empire Eater has Taste (4584 Laclede Avenue; 314... More >>

  • November 2012 Openings & Closings

    published Nov 30, 2012

    Another busy month for openings included Bar Les Freres, a cozy new French spot from Zoƫ Robinson Pidgeon; Elaia and Olio, the restaurant and wine bar from Ben Poremba; and a new home for Niche, Gera... More >>

  • Vernon's BBQ & Catering Opens in University City

    published Nov 30, 2012

    Almost six months after it first crossed Gut Check's radar, Vernon's BBQ & Catering (6707 Vernon Avenue, University City; 314-726-1227) finally opened for business this week. Owner Matt Stiffelman,... More >>

  • Andrew's Bayou Ribs Joins St. Louis Food Truck Fleet

    published Nov 29, 2012

    A couple of eagle-eyed readers let me know about a new food truck that has joined the St. Louis fleet: Andrew's Bayou Ribs. According to its Facebook page, the truck hit the St. Louis streets at the b... More >>

  • A Year Later, Delmonico's Diner Returns

    published Nov 29, 2012

    Last December, Gut Check learned that soul-food institution Delmonico's Diner (4909 Delmar Boulevard) had closed temporarily. At the time, signage promised the restaurant would reopen under new manage... More >>

  • PM BBQ Opens New Location

    published Nov 29, 2012

    PM BBQ opened its new location at 161 Long Road in Chesterfield yesterday. The restaurant relocated from a very short distance away. Its original location, tucked into the shopping plaza at Long Road ... More >>

  • Tidbits: Farmhaus Expands Hours, Eater Salutes Blood & Sand

    published Nov 28, 2012

    - A dinner reservation at Farmhaus (3257 Ivanhoe Avenue; 314-647-3800) is one of the toughest to obtain in St. Louis. That's no surprise. Not only is Kevin Willmann's restaurant one of our town's very... More >>

  • Sauce on the Side: Review + Slideshow

    published Nov 28, 2012

    Sauce on the Side (903 Pine Street; 314-241-5667) does one thing and does it very well: calzones. My review of Sauce on the Side is now available online. Also now online is Jennifer Silverberg's slid... More >>

  • Tidbits: Joyia Opens Friday; Eater Salutes Taste

    published Nov 28, 2012

    - Gut Check has had its eye on Joyia, the new Mediterranean tapas restaurant at 4501 Manchester Avenue in Forest Park Southeast's Grove district, since September. A check-in with owner Chuck Pener rev... More >>

  • Review Preview: Sauce on the Side

    published Nov 27, 2012

    This week, I visit Sauce on the Side (903 Pine Street; 314-241-5667), the new downtown spot specializing in calzones. One day, when three-month-old Sauce on the Side has expanded from its modest origi... More >>

  • Ian Froeb

    Sauce Goes Here: An imaginative fast-casual concept for St. Louis — and beyond?

    published November 29, 2012

    One day, when three-month-old Sauce on the Side has... More >>

  • FDA Shuts Down Sunland Peanut Butter Plant

    published Nov 27, 2012

    The FDA flexed its muscles on Monday, suspending the food-facility registration of Sunland Inc., the company that manufactured peanut butter linked to an outbreak of salmonella that has sickened 41 pe... More >>

  • Armour Sausages, Cherry Tomatoes, Hot Drink Maker Recalled

    published Nov 27, 2012

    When Food Attacks returns from a long Thanksgiving hiatus to discover many new recalls posted on the FDA and USDA websites. Here are some of the more pertinent ones: - Pinnacle Foods Groups has recal... More >>

  • Franco Names Jon Dreja Executive Chef

    published Nov 26, 2012

    Franco (1535 South Eighth Street; 314-435-2500) announced last week that Jon Dreja is the restaurant's new executive chef. He replaces Kris Janik, who took over the Franco kitchen from Chris Williams ... More >>

  • El Toro Mexican Restaurant Opening Soon in North Hampton

    published Nov 26, 2012

    An alert reader let me know that El Toro Mexican Restaurant looks ready to open at 3710 South Kingshighway Boulevard. The restaurant occupies a corner spot in the shopping plaza on the northeast corn... More >>

  • Fork & Stix Opens in East Delmar Loop

    published Nov 26, 2012

    Fork & Stix opened quietly two weeks ago at 549 Rosedale Avenue, the east Delmar Loop address previously occupied by the Ethiopian restaurant Selam. Of course, the Delmar Loop is already home to four... More >>

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