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2001 Stories by Ivy Schroeder

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  • Rubber Cement

    published October 31, 2001

    The architectural installation that opens Tadao Ando/Architect at the St. Louis Art Museum is one of the most powerful artworks this museum... More >>

  • Go EAST

    published October 17, 2001

    Edwardsville and Alton may be just across the river from our fair city, but some St. Louisans act as if the towns are a whole state away. Art EAST... More >>

  • Fresh Paint

    published October 10, 2001

    During the last century, the practice of painting was often scrutinized. The invention of photography posed a challenge to the art form, but... More >>

  • Sub Pop

    published July 25, 2001

    When Pop Impressions Europe/USA: Prints and Multiples from the Museum of Modern Art was exhibited in 1999 in New York, it barely registered... More >>

  • Magnificent Seven

    published July 18, 2001

    Ever feel the need, artistically, to get back to basics?This summer, we saw the initial ebullience over van Gogh and his cohorts fizzle and... More >>

  • Extolling Stone

    published June 20, 2001

    For many people in the West, the idea of contemporary African sculpture seems an oxymoron. And despite impressive efforts in the last 20 years by... More >>

  • Phone Home

    published June 6, 2001

    The object of memory is only an object imagined in the past to which the emotion of belief adheres" -- William James, Principles of... More >>

  • My Cousin Vinny

    published March 14, 2001

    A few weeks ago, in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's story on the opening of Vincent van Gogh and the Painters of the Petit Boulevard... More >>

Archives: 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998