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  • Local Motion: Lithium: A Tribute to Nirvana

    published November 22, 2006

    A cover-band concert is like a drag queen: The show is familiar, predictable and includes the performer's personal flair. But a tribute-band gig... More >>

  • Gringo Star

    published November 1, 2006

    A Fir-Ju Well was a horrible band name. What did it mean? How was it spelled? How did you even pronounce it? Well, forget it, because A Fir-Ju... More >>

  • Swing, Batta, Swing!

    published October 25, 2006

    Jett Fighter Who gives a crap about Lita Ford? Everybody knows Joan Jett was always the coolest member of the... More >>

  • Twilight Singers

    published October 25, 2006

    It's just a fact that Mark Lanegan makes every song sound better. A few years ago, the former Screaming Trees frontman was a surprise hit when he... More >>

  • Two Gallants

    published October 11, 2006

    San Francisco's latest indie-blues phenomenon, Two Gallants, is a study in contrasts. Bandmates Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel, both only in... More >>

  • Shiny Toy Guns

    published October 4, 2006

    Don't be put off by their tragic asymmetrical haircuts — Shiny Toy Guns are one of the most promising electronic dance bands to... More >>

  • Local Motion: Marcheski, Lenarsky and DaBreezy

    published September 27, 2006

    Marcheski, Lenarsky and Dabreezy (MLD) is a hilarious rap group composed of white boys from Creve Coeur. Though they're more like a comedy... More >>

  • Music Showcase Schedule

    published September 6, 2006

    Best Blues Artist Bennie Smith The royal pantheon of blues guitar is... More >>

  • Local Motion: Walkie Talkie U.S.A.

    published August 9, 2006

    St. Louis finally has a south-side supergroup. Jason Hutto (formerly of Midwest indie-rock favorites the Phonocaptors and Sexicolor) recently... More >>

  • X / Rollins Band

    published August 2, 2006

    Fronted by feminist hero Exene Cervenka, X have been playing their own style of shaky punk rock since the late '70s. While their lyrics... More >>

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