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  • Fun for the Rest of Us!

    published December 19, 2007

    Ah, the holidaze is upon us! Everyone, sing: "Oh silver pole, oh silver pole, you shine so bright and sterile! No tinsel to distract my mind... More >>

  • Don't Be Quiet on New Year's Eve

    published December 19, 2007

    Concentrate. Think back nearly 360 or so days. How did you welcome the year 2007? Was it inexpensive Champagne in polite, plastic flutes while you... More >>

  • No Place Like Homecoming

    published December 12, 2007

    A mere ten days after the Frankenstein version of fogey-punk band the Misfits staggered across the stage of the Roberts Orpheum Theater (416 North... More >>

  • Sometimes You Feel Like a Nutcracker

    published December 5, 2007

    For many families, attending a performance of Tchaikovsky's classic fairy-tale ballet, The Nutcracker, is an annual holiday... More >>

  • Wreathing for the Stars

    published November 21, 2007

    Ah, the quiet majesty of the holiday wreath! You made them in grammar school. You've peddled them door-to-door to raise funds for your ungrateful... More >>

  • Hate People, but Love Gatherings?

    published November 21, 2007

    In 1994, with maxed-out credit cards and a cash flow that came mainly from selling his comic-book collection, Kevin Smith created the zeitgeisty... More >>

  • Breadfans, Unite

    published November 14, 2007

    You’ve been through the summer ringer, but now it’s November. Turn your thoughts to the delicious, the divine, the winter feasting.... More >>

  • Your Afternoon Cup of Joe

    published November 7, 2007

    Fans of the ear-candy-servin’ Sunday-morning KDHX (88.1 FM) staple “Lotsa A Cappella” are already hip to the indomitable... More >>

  • Parts of the South Rise Again

    published October 31, 2007

    Country-lovin’ ladies, has it been months since you last attended a bonafide strippers-'n'-all bachelorette party? Do you enjoy the state of... More >>

  • Witches Brew

    published October 10, 2007

    Calling all witchy women and magical men: Polish up your pointy shoes, and starch those pointy hats! Portents and premonitions, auguries and... More >>

  • We Believe in a Thing Called Fear

    published October 3, 2007

    Terror! Fear! Horror! When the creature features and slasher flicks just don’t bring the tingles like they used to, thank Beelzebub for the... More >>

  • Fabulous Fix at the Fabulous Fox

    published September 26, 2007

    It’s been 25 glorious years since the Fox Theatre in Grand Center (527 North Grand Boulevard) was reborn as the Fabulous Fox. Originally a... More >>

  • Hedda’s a Pistol

    published September 12, 2007

    The mark of great art is not flowery prose nor sense-shattering spectacle. When a work communicates its truths to generations 100 years removed,... More >>

  • Look at that Piggy in the Mirror

    published September 5, 2007

    Everyone is so damaged, their interpersonal webs so tangled (particularly in the Lou, America's biggest small town), it is astounding that any two... More >>

  • Corny Fun

    published August 29, 2007

    Gentle readers, are you intrigued by the unexplained geometric shapes cut into corn fields throughout the English countryside? How about a... More >>

  • Large and in Charge

    published August 29, 2007

    News flash: Sumo wrestlers aren’t just for shoving other large, sweaty folks out of a circle you’ve drawn in the middle of a room.... More >>

  • Pass Through the Gates

    published August 15, 2007

    In nationally released movies, the student thread runs from Good Will Hunting through Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite. All... More >>

  • Get Original

    published August 8, 2007

    Independent theater companies in St. Louis have a history of hovering just beneath the general public radar, churning out quality new work to... More >>

  • Bringin’ Him Home

    published August 1, 2007

    Twenty years after it took Broadway by storm, the immensely popular French-turned-English musical Les Misérables finally... More >>

  • Bier Hier, Bitte

    published August 1, 2007

    Ladies and gentleman, prepare to celebrate that most treasured of St. Louis establishments, a brewery. The Schlafly Brewery, to be exact; the one... More >>

  • What’s Your Rush?

    published July 25, 2007

    Judging by a few quick calculations, you will eat roughly 76,650 meals in your lifetime, give or take. That ain’t a lot, really, so it’s... More >>

  • Funny Business

    published July 25, 2007

    In the world of comedic rivalries, few have equaled bad-girl Tonya Harding versus Daddy’s little princess Nancy Kerrigan. Well, hit the deck,... More >>

  • Future, Tense

    published June 27, 2007

    The Internet is a big deal. Its omnipresence forces most Homo sapiens to make a choice. They can either flee for the hills to grow beards like... More >>

  • B Cool

    published June 27, 2007

    Tonight, lights shine bright on the Boulevard-Saint Louis, the newish shopping spot in Richmond Heights on South Brentwood Boulevard across from... More >>

  • Do You Remember Me?

    published June 13, 2007

    Where does a beautiful, rock-singin' lady with a voice that defined acid-rock in the ´60s (not to mention a criminally underrated 1971... More >>

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