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2002 Stories by Jay A. Babcock

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  • Can You Feel the Love?

    published July 10, 2002

    Think what you like about Moby, but what he says is easy to understand. Anticipating Friday's show at Pop's (Moby appears with superstar DJ Paul... More >>

  • Mates of State with the Appleseed Cast

    published June 12, 2002

    The first thing anyone will tell you about Mates of State is that the duo are married. Organist Kori Gardner and drummer Jason Hammel tied... More >>

  • Spark & Spiel

    published January 30, 2002

    The little Casio synthesizer cost Christian Oncken $3 at a secondhand store. It plays a tinny melody accompanied by a brittle dance beat from its... More >>

  • Come On, Feel the Noise

    published January 30, 2002

    Circuit-bent instrumentation in popular music acts is hard to find. Add N to X, Nine Inch Nails and Tom Waits are all reputed to use bent toys,... More >>

  • Daft Punk

    published January 23, 2002

    Not everyone was thrilled with the new studio polish on Daft Punk's 2001 release Discovery. If the title suggested the record is "disco,... More >>

Archives: 2002 | 2001