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  • Richie Hawtin with Foster

    published October 24, 2001

    Thursday used to be a mere precursor to the weekend party. Thanks to Velocity, Lemon Productions and Undercover Entertainment's regular club night... More >>

  • Laurie Anderson

    published October 17, 2001

    Laurie Anderson's latest album opens with a wordless hymn, "One White Whale." With its churchy organ and keening voices, the song's tone is... More >>

  • Uberzone

    published September 26, 2001

    Some say Timothy Wiles is a scholar/practitioner of hip-hop from California. Others say he built his own time machine. Both statements are true.... More >>

  • Washington Avenue Beat Festival 4

    published August 29, 2001

    Hey, kids, are you shopping for an expensive luxury loft? If you're down in the Washington Avenue club district on Sunday, Sept. 2, that's all... More >>

  • Arling & Cameron

    published August 29, 2001

    Are you an Arling & Cameron fan? Not yet? You will be. Everyone will be, in due time. The Dutch duo's pop proficiency, prolificacy and promiscuity... More >>

  • Beat Farmers

    published August 22, 2001

    The big to-do over at the Oz and Pop's on Friday, Aug. 24, looms like a giant asteroid on a collision course with the busy St. Louis dance floor.... More >>

  • Various Artists

    published August 22, 2001

    You know who Ennio Morricone is: the composer responsible for the most recognizable -- and most widely ripped-off -- film music ever, that of... More >>

Archives: 2002 | 2001