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2002 Stories by Jeannette Batz

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  • Cab Fair

    published November 27, 2002

    Oiled by decades of cronyism and routed by St. Louis's shifting, patchy economic terrain, St. Louis's city, county and airport taxi systems all... More >>

  • The Reluctant Archbishop

    published November 13, 2002

    Halfway through the opening reflection, two Roman-collared priests slipped into the back of the auditorium and took seats in the last row, awkward... More >>

  • String Music

    published October 30, 2002

    Tom Bills takes tight hold of a wadded ball of cotton and rubs on another coat of insect resin, moving in continuous circles, turning the guitar's... More >>

  • Fail Safe

    published October 2, 2002

    It was a Saturday night and 23-year-old Karen was home alone, and she didn't mind one bit. She'd rented What About Bob? -- Richard Dreyfuss... More >>

  • Wildcat Strike

    published September 11, 2002

    Sandra Smith falls asleep in a trailer in Warrenton, Missouri, surrounded by roaring lions. Bengal tigers pace their cages; cougars pounce on... More >>

  • Best in Show

    published August 21, 2002

    Debi Baker calmly led a ten-month-old lion onto the set of a Becky the Carpet Queen commercial and told him to lie down. She turned a 1,300-pound... More >>

  • In Harm's Way

    published August 7, 2002

    One night before bed, Pat Bradley picked up a copy of God's Smuggler, a book about a Dutchman who sneaked Bibles into the communist... More >>

  • Speed Isn't Enough

    published July 17, 2002

    It's time.They slide the glossy black '63 Corvette Stingray out of its berth. Firesuit still unzipped, drag racer and onetime world... More >>

  • The Bailout Artist

    published June 26, 2002

    The phone at Quick Release Bail Bonds rings twice."May I help you?" inquires a deep, gravelly, sleepy-sounding voice. The caller... More >>

  • Act of Omission

    published June 26, 2002

    Visit the Web site of Patrick Henry Elementary School and read the eloquent greeting from the school's principal:"Students may not always... More >>

  • When Dragons Escape

    published June 19, 2002

    Elonka Dunin glances into the conference room of the Simutronics Corporation as she passes by, nodding to five glazed young men huddled over a new... More >>

  • Unholy Ghost

    published June 12, 2002

    Cunning as the serpent the Southern Baptists already believe him to be, the Reverend Mel White staged yesterday's protest of the Southern Baptist... More >>

  • Conduct Unbecoming

    published May 22, 2002

    William Baily Beachum Jr. flew rescue missions in Vietnam, each trip a gamble against the odds. His chopper was shot down five times. He looked... More >>

  • Firepower

    published May 1, 2002

    The gun is an instrument of death; choose it, therefore, for its beauty and precision. -- an eighteenth-century father's... More >>

  • Judgment at Hookyville

    published March 27, 2002

    [Editor's note: For the adults in this story, only first names have been used. The students' first names are pseudonyms.] Wanda... More >>

  • Agony of Sorrows

    published March 27, 2002

    In early February, the Rev. Michael Campbell took the brittle, yellowed palm leaves he had blessed a year ago and burned them into ash. As his... More >>

  • The Loss Within

    published March 13, 2002

    Robin Lahargoue pushes the gym door open. She's 45 minutes early for practice, but three of her Bears teammates are already there, firing free... More >>

  • The Clan of the Cavesnail

    published March 6, 2002

    It is blind, and translucent. It stands as high as a grain of sand and, at its fattest, reaches 2 millimeters across the whorls of its... More >>

  • The Graveyard Whistlers

    published February 6, 2002

    The tiny Maritz jewelry company went bankrupt during the Depression. Then it got religion. Three decades later, it was building a city on a... More >>

  • Scissor Hands

    published January 9, 2002

    On the window, the vowels of his name are pure geometry, the "O" a solid circle, the "A" a triangle. Inside, there's a ballet-sized mirror and a... More >>

  • The Ballad of Willie Akins

    published January 2, 2002

    Willie looked at the mellophone for a long minute. A lousy bloated trumpet. He raised it to his lips and blew a high, protesting bleat, and... More >>

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