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2003 Stories by Jeannette Batz

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  • Hard Case

    published April 16, 2003

    Marie Clark walks into the consultation room chuckling. A little boy just came by to see whether her ten-year-old son was at work with her. The... More >>

  • Wait Elephant

    published March 26, 2003

    When David Balding unfurls the striped tent of his Circus Flora this June, fog will swirl around star-crossed lovers as they're drawn into a world... More >>

  • Class War

    published February 26, 2003

    "So Maplewood-Richmond Heights' idea of preparing students to take final exams is to throw a giant pajama party," the professor mutters. He's back... More >>

  • A Matter of Honor

    published February 26, 2003

    The e-mails call them pussies and cowards, say they probably never fought anybody.Woody Powell, executive director of Veterans for Peace, sips... More >>

  • Who's Afraid of Anthony Shahid?

    published February 19, 2003

    Anthony Shahid strode through the Barnes-Jewish Hospital lobby, his steps as hard and sure as the marble floor. Maneuvering around the moving... More >>

  • From Bulgaria With Love

    published January 22, 2003

    Nikolay Ivanov Nedeltchev thought that the Cold War had thawed. A retired Bulgarian major, he was now a U.S. citizen living in South St. Louis,... More >>

  • Kingdom Comes

    published January 1, 2003

    That's the surprise. I'm a girl. But now I'm a boy too and I can do anything and anything and anything. -- Ernest Hemingway, The... More >>

Archives: 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998