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  • The Frog King Returns

    published December 13, 2006

    "I've been here before/Though there's something in the air this time /I don't want to give away what I've taken back/Run away with you... More >>

  • Monty Are I

    published December 13, 2006

    Monty Are I is a self-described "action rock" band from Providence, Rhode Island, and one of the inaugural signings to Stolen Transmission,... More >>

  • Saosin

    published November 29, 2006

    Saosin may have done time on two of the biggest festival tours of the year — the Vans Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos tour — but... More >>

  • Bach Is Back

    published November 22, 2006

    If glam metal has a Renaissance man, there's no doubt it's Sebastian Bach. As the frontman for the '90s hair-metal act Skid Row, he sold over... More >>

  • Valient Thorr

    published November 15, 2006

    If you remember anything from middle-school science class about the planet Venus, you might recall that it's the second planet from the Sun.... More >>

  • The Chariot

    published November 8, 2006

    The Chariot may sound like late-'90s metalcore pioneers such as Converge and Coalesce, but the band is anything but a throwback. Founded by... More >>

  • Moneen

    published November 1, 2006

    While Moneen's early material didn't do much to distinguish it from the typical mall-punk fare, the Canadian group's new full-length,... More >>

  • Joanna Newsom

    published November 1, 2006

    Fans of freak-folk heroes like Devendra Banhart and Ben Chasny are probably already familiar with songstress Joanna Newsom — but for... More >>

  • Brothers in Arms

    published October 25, 2006

    Q: "Alice, where's your clothes?" A: "They'll be sweet sheets around your eyes when the boars eat you alive!" —... More >>

  • Strike Anywhere

    published October 25, 2006

    Punk rock has always been political; the problem is that most "political-punk" bands these days aren't worth their musical weight in Crass... More >>

  • Mobius Band / Baby Dayliner

    published October 18, 2006

    After (legally) downloading the title track from The Loving Sounds of Static from the Mobius Band's Web site, we'll admit it's sort... More >>

  • The Loved Ones

    published October 11, 2006

    What happens when you mix Philly hardcore royalty with Elvis Costello's hooks — and a punk ferocity that NOFX hasn't had in years?... More >>

  • Envy

    published October 11, 2006

    With 2003's A Dead Sinking Story, Japan's Envy hinted toward a sound that was more orchestral than screamo. But not even the band's biggest... More >>

  • The USA Is a Monster

    published September 27, 2006

    Let's face it, there's enough crap coming out of Brooklyn these days to fertilize a third-world country. But thankfully, The USA Is A... More >>

  • Jena Berlin

    published September 27, 2006

    Although Jena Berlin is still in the midst of a seemingly endless tour for its dynamic debut, Passion Waits as the Program Keeps... More >>

  • Cobra Starship / Gym Class Heroes

    published September 20, 2006

    Has your marginally successful emo band hit a glass ceiling? Well, maybe you should do what Midtown's Gabe Saporta did: Round up a couple of your... More >>

  • Zao

    published September 6, 2006

    The history of Zao is as complex as the band's math-minded riffs, so we'll try to break it down for you. Originally together from 1993 to... More >>

  • Headlights

    published August 23, 2006

    The Champaign, Illinois, trio Headlights rose from the ashes of Parasol recording artists Absinthe Blind — and have quickly... More >>

  • Your Enemies Friends

    published August 9, 2006

    In a sea of bands copping Gang Of Four's angular brand of dance-punk, Your Enemies Friends are a welcome respite for those of us who like... More >>

  • Lawrence Arms

    published July 19, 2006

    While most bands understandably try to keep their shit-talking to a minimum, Chicago's Lawrence Arms actually take pride in it. (Their Web... More >>

  • Golden Smog

    published July 19, 2006

    Golden Smog is probably the closest thing alt-country has to a supergroup. Originally formed as a side project in 1992, the band — which now... More >>

  • Big D and the Kids Table

    published July 12, 2006

    Sure, these days admitting that you're into ska-punk is sort of like admitting you wore JNCO jeans in the late '90s — a lot of us did it, but... More >>

  • Sick of It All

    published May 24, 2006

    If someone builds a Hardcore Hall of Fame, Sick of It All deserves its own wing. Formed over two decades ago in Queens, New York, SOIA is... More >>

  • Russian Circles/ Minus the Bear

    published May 17, 2006

    Chicago's Russian Circles may look like three unassuming indie rockers from the Midwest, but appearances can be deceiving. One spin of... More >>

  • The Stills

    published May 10, 2006

    If you always assumed the Stills were initially lumped into the same scene as Interpol and the Walkmen because of timing — and not musical... More >>

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