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  • Wish You Were Here

    published December 20, 2006

    Somewhere within today's expanse of increasingly homogenous radio-station programming — where DJs are replaced by nameless, rootless,... More >>

  • Bob Seger

    published November 29, 2006

    Whenever a classic rock band is in need of material, all it needs to do is pull from the tried-and-true trifecta of life on the road/easy... More >>

  • Frank Discussion

    published November 15, 2006

    Sportscasters are the cheerleaders of the newsroom. They have to be: Baseball has, what, 3,000 games per season per team, and the Stanley Cup... More >>

  • Around the World in Eleven Days

    published November 8, 2006

    The St. Louis International Film Festival isn't Telluride or Toronto. Out-of-town cinephiles don't plan their year around it; paparazzi don't pack... More >>

  • Cash o' Lanterns

    published October 18, 2006

    "Ah, there she is: cucurbita pepo. The pumpkin. Ain't she beautiful? [Caresses pumpkin.] There's a good girl. This one 'ere looks about a... More >>

  • Corona

    published September 13, 2006

    There's an odd television commercial out these days, in which a woman rubs what looks like a stick of Icy Hot on her head. In the background a... More >>

  • Music Showcase Schedule

    published September 6, 2006

    Best Blues Artist Bennie Smith The royal pantheon of blues guitar is... More >>

  • The Sultan

    published September 6, 2006

    There are some things that we're resigned to not fully understanding. Why we get really nervous leaving voicemails is one; the Valerie Plame case... More >>

  • Steely Dan

    published August 30, 2006

    Listening to a Steely Dan album is rather like reading an erstwhile nerd's yearbook. Their songs are filled with odd innuendos, inside... More >>

  • Project: Latin Jazz

    published August 30, 2006

    If there's one thing musicians love, it's honorifics. Just look at Queen Latifah, Dr. Hook and Reverend Horton Heat. It must be great to slap on a... More >>

  • You're Buying a Stairway to Heaven

    published August 16, 2006

    Playing classic-rock records backward to reveal some mystery message seems silly when there's just as much to ponder when the songs are playing... More >>

  • Crazy Calculus!

    published August 9, 2006

    Imagine KISS without Gene Simmons. Led Zeppelin without Jimmy Page. The Doors without Jim (OK, bad example). But the point is that there are... More >>

  • Get in the Van

    published August 2, 2006

    What happens when local garage-punks the Vultures and trashabilly kings Johnny O & the Jerks embark on the "Spirit of St. Louis" tour to the east... More >>

  • On the Screen

    published July 19, 2006

    A. (Anonymous) The Dream Team they ain't. In Daniel Bowers' mockumentary, support-group outcasts work together to overcome their unique... More >>

  • Out of Africa

    published June 21, 2006

    Children's choirs always conjure such idyllic images, as though the spirit of the music and the joy of performing provide a respite from skinned... More >>

  • Notaa Justa Furniture Store

    published May 17, 2006

    Traditional furniture showrooms are sometimes a little depressing. All those sofas and end tables neatly arranged and devoid of yellowing... More >>

  • Tomorrow's Stars

    published May 17, 2006

    Unlike in spelling or biochemical engineering, there aren't really any right or wrong answers in art and music classes — just different forms... More >>

  • Not Just Golfing Around...

    published May 17, 2006

    The descriptor "golf-ball-size" is almost never followed by something pleasant. It's always hail, tumors or boils, and never diamonds or darling... More >>

  • Cucumber martini

    published May 10, 2006

    Cucumber martini Zoe's Pan-Asian Cafe, 4753 McPherson Avenue; 314-361-0013. It takes awhile to navigate cruise... More >>

  • SkullSplitter Ale

    published May 3, 2006

    The expression "long in the tooth" took on a horrifying new meaning after we saw the X-rays. Roots of three evil wisdom teeth pierced deep into... More >>

  • Eat It, St. Louis

    published April 12, 2006

    Every week, the RFT staff feeds St. Louis all the news and entertainment this town can cram into its collective belly. And once a year,... More >>

  • Dream into Action

    published April 5, 2006

    Self-Made Woman If the whole is the sum of its parts — and, by extension, the artist the sum of her work — then Dar Williams... More >>

  • Bleeding Heart Baby

    published March 29, 2006

    The no-frills, Ohio-bred trio Heartless Bastards fucking rock. B-Sides recently spoke with lead vocalist Erika Wennerstrom about just how... More >>

  • Strand Together

    published March 29, 2006

    If anyone ever asks you what your most prized possessions are, you may instinctively blurt out that your still-in-the-box Star Wars action... More >>

  • A Bigger Fish to Fry

    published March 22, 2006

    Lent is a seemingly contradictory time in the Catholic church, starting with Ash Wednesday mass. The scripture readings implore the faithful to... More >>

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