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  • Bitch + The Exciting Conclusion

    published April 23, 2008

    You may remember queercore folkster Bitch from her days duetting with girlfriend Animal on Righteous Babe records. Though the pair of politicos... More >>

  • Clue To Kalo

    published March 26, 2008

    Clue to Kalo's music should be the soundtrack to a spiritual retreat for the information age: His network of salty strings, sustained... More >>

  • B-Sides is in a Party Dream, chillin' with José González

    published March 12, 2008

    Freeze up the shot luge: Gil Mantera's Party Dream is about to blitzkrieg St. Louis! Due to "conflicting schedules" (read: totally partying),... More >>

  • Tally Hall

    published March 12, 2008

    Tally Hall — a Michigan quintet often identifiable by its rainbow of ties — weaves glistening pop with crisp, classical... More >>

  • Peachcake/Foxy Shazam

    published February 20, 2008

    "Are We Accidentally At A Party?!" is not only the title of a popular Peachcake song, but also the resounding sentiment heard at the... More >>

  • "The Sex Song": Not TASTiSKANK's homage to Matthew McConaughey

    published February 13, 2008

    Satirical pop-rockers TASTiSKANK won the Jury Award for Breakout Performance at the 2007 HBO Aspen Comedy Festival and are YouTube stars with... More >>

  • Mandisa

    published January 23, 2008

    It may seem hyperbolic to call Mandisa's ninth-place American Idol ousting a shocker, but fans were invested in her fate. After... More >>

  • Grand Buffet

    published January 2, 2008

    Grand Buffet, the dork-rap duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been spitting satirical rhymes for over a decade, waxing and wailing... More >>

  • Blake Lewis

    published January 2, 2008

    American Idol winners (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood) have it easy, as do American Idol early exiters (Jennifer Hudson, Chris... More >>

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