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2004 Stories by Malcolm Gay

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  • Uncomfortably Numb

    published December 15, 2004

    It didn't take long for detectives to find Nancy Johnston's killer. Summoned to her south St. Louis home in the early hours of June 30, 1989,... More >>

  • A Shot in the Arm

    published November 3, 2004

    By the time the third bullet reached Donald Ball's heart, he was facedown and bleeding into the asphalt. Moments earlier, Ball -- a pusher, a... More >>

  • Paradise Lost

    published November 3, 2004

    Six years ago Tim Hogan thought he had it made. Living on a sailboat off the coast of Honduras, the native St. Louisan became a dive master and... More >>

  • Get Lost, Kid!

    published October 20, 2004

    Walk through the front yard of Renee and Terry Irby's Charlack home, and a cape-clad jack-o'-lantern crows out, "Happy Halloween!" The Irbys'... More >>

  • Golf Ball Fishing in America

    published October 13, 2004

    Water moccasins can be tricky. Shards of glass may pierce his waders. Stones are murder on the knees. And it's no picnic diving through inky,... More >>

  • Blowing a Fuse

    published September 22, 2004

    Don't let the Silicon Valley feel of Fuse advertising agency's offices fool you. Behind the pool table, the weight room, the leather chairs and... More >>

  • Four More Smears

    published September 15, 2004

    In politics, as in Russian roulette, one misfire can kill you -- at least that's what 2nd Ward Committeewoman Mattie Moore seems to think in the... More >>

  • Immaculate Deception

    published August 25, 2004

    When Pope John Paul II tapped him to be Archbishop of St. Louis last December, Raymond Burke took yet another stride along the ecumenical fast... More >>

  • Bishop Takes Queen

    published August 25, 2004

    Archbishop Raymond Burke might be a favored son of the Vatican, but interviews with more than a dozen priests reveal that as father to his former... More >>

  • Highway Robbery

    published July 21, 2004

    The come-on is alluring. In the backs of magazines and newspapers, in the dark corners of the Internet and the upright font of the Yellow Pages,... More >>

  • Debt Comes to the Archbishop

    published June 16, 2004

    When the Archdiocese of St. Louis agreed in April to pay more than $1.5 million to an area family whose son was sexually abused by a Catholic... More >>

  • Eat Me

    published June 9, 2004

    Some calves kick. Some calves low. Some rear up on their hindquarters and try to escape. But when they meet the rabbi's blade, they all die the... More >>

  • Egregious E-mail

    published June 9, 2004

    Hakim Aziz is seldom hesitant about making radical pronouncements, but when two U.S. Secret Service agents showed up at his doorstep at 10:30 on... More >>

  • Arch Nemesis

    published May 19, 2004

    By the time Jim Floersch reached St. Louis, he and his family had driven a ten-state loop from Kansas to South Carolina. Ten days earlier he... More >>

  • Queer Deal

    published April 28, 2004

    Webster University religious studies professor Robert Goss seemed to have everything a fledgling theologian could hope for. He's Harvard-educated... More >>

  • Biondi Issues

    published April 28, 2004

    Saint Louis University president Lawrence Biondi made headlines last week when he refused to cave to students and faculty members who asked that... More >>

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