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  • Hot to Brat

    published October 19, 2005

    In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Night has a little German in him. (The li'l fella became lodged during a particularly raucous chorus of... More >>

  • Out Riding Vinces

    published September 28, 2005

    SUN 10/2 Mmm, Vince Vaughn in chaps, anyone? While technically not getting all gaucho on us after his mug-apalooza in this summer's... More >>

  • Fun Times

    published August 3, 2005

    There's fun, there's international fun, and then -- if you're ready for this -- there's dancing fun. What are these three types of fun, you... More >>

  • Flair Beyond Compare

    published July 27, 2005

    MON 8/1 In case you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, it's a crazy world we live in. Bad stuff happens, worse stuff... More >>

  • Caravan of Class

    published July 6, 2005

    SUN 7/10 No actor could chew the scenery like St. Louis' own Vincent Price. The master of horror is renowned for his exuberant... More >>

  • The United Colors of America

    published June 15, 2005

    The crawl on the homepage of William Pope.L's touring performance-art truck reads, "The Black Factory contends that blackness is limited not by... More >>

  • Horsin' Around

    published June 8, 2005

    The circus has changed: Waning are the days of the multi-ring craziness, of hangar-size tents packed with screaming children climbing for a chance... More >>

  • Say Cheese!

    published May 25, 2005

    Although photobooths are relics of a bygone, pre-camera-phone era, they remain part of the public consciousness. Maybe it's because they wrap up... More >>

  • Seize the Days

    published May 25, 2005

    St. Louis boasts a staggering number of summertime events and a rich living history in red brick, stained-glass windows and, yes, wilting humidity... More >>

  • Wind in Your Hair

    published May 25, 2005

    Adding to the telltale signs of a resurgent St. Louis is the proliferation of bicyclists. Granted the city hasn't got the reputation of... More >>

  • MacD'Oh!

    published May 11, 2005

    The Simpsons has succeeded for years as a highbrow show operating on a lowbrow frequency -- just base enough to scare away the people who... More >>

  • Classy!

    published April 20, 2005

    The trailer is a punch line, a joke used to signal "low class." Tell people you spent many a happy summer traveling the country in the family's... More >>

  • Welcome to the Cabaret

    published April 13, 2005

    TUES 4/19 It is difficult to mark when the change occurred. Perhaps it was when a healthy breakfast cereal was purchased, rather than... More >>

  • Working Girls

    published April 6, 2005

    WED 4/6 The pictured photograph, Lena on the Bally Box, Essex Junction, VT, is the work of Susan Meiselas. From 1972 to 1975,... More >>

  • Whither the Believers?

    published March 23, 2005

    The River City Rage -- formerly the River City Renegades and then (in a brilliant stroke of red-state marketing) the Show Me Believers -- plays... More >>

  • Superfantastic Four

    published March 16, 2005

    The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington Boulevard; 314-545-4660 or More >>

  • Blatant Localism

    published March 2, 2005

    FRI 3/4 St. Louis might seem a skateboarder's heaven. So much abandoned real estate, so few bodies to get in the way. But the closing... More >>

  • I Am un Cheval Andalusia!

    published February 23, 2005

    People know more about cars than horses these days -- if you need proof, just ask someone to tell you everything he or she knows about "mustangs."... More >>

  • The Icing on the Cake

    published February 23, 2005

    As many of you are well aware, Saturday, February 26, is Tony Randall's birthday. Unfortunately, Tony passed away last year (RIP, our beloved... More >>

  • Dunk 'n Go Nuts

    published February 9, 2005

    What's wrong with the National Basketball Association (besides the malcontent adolescent superstars and occasional fan beatings)? Well, for... More >>

  • Super-wha'?

    published February 2, 2005

    SUN 2/6 Super Bowl Sunday. You may have heard of it (there was a brief, almost inaudible "buzz" about the game on television airwaves,... More >>

  • Rarely Heard Music

    published February 2, 2005

    THUR 2/3 As you emerge from the aged, dark bowels of London's Underground and walk beneath the cloudy, spitting sky, your eyes turn... More >>

  • Sin Is In

    published January 26, 2005

    SAT 1/29 Ah, the Garden of Eden. Full of lush greenery, plenty of food, some strategically placed fig leaves, jail cells...jail cells?... More >>

  • There Is No Rex Kwon Do

    published January 26, 2005

    SAT 1/29 For most of us, seeing martial arts practiced in real time is an embarrassing "no, wait, dude -- it only works if you grab my... More >>

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