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2003 Stories by Matt Harnish

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  • The Cynics with Thee Lordly Serpents and the Gentleman Callers

    published July 23, 2003

    There it is, in black and white, printed on the front cover of the Cynics ' fantastic new record, Living Is The Best Revenge (Get... More >>

  • John Wilkes Booze

    published July 16, 2003

    These days you can't swing an extra-long microphone cable without hitting fifteen bands that claim to be influenced by the MC5 and the Stooges. Of... More >>

  • 2003 Music Awards

    published June 18, 2003

    Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this story; see end of article. Best Rap Recording of... More >>

  • Back of Dave

    published June 4, 2003

    It might not have the cultural oomph of an all-original-member Guns 'n Roses reunion, and it might not have the nostalgia factor of Sonny and... More >>

  • FM Knives with the Incisions and the Kings of Pop

    published May 14, 2003

    You may not know it yet, but FM Knives is the best punk band in America right now. Hailing from sunny Sacramento, the band takes the best... More >>

  • Plain White T's with Don't Look Down

    published February 19, 2003

    Meet the Plain White T's, the face of emo pop-punk in the year 2003. The young, punctuationally challenged Chicago-area quartet's been... More >>

  • Asia Minor

    published January 22, 2003

    Over the past few years, the St. Louis region has developed a fairly strong post-punk scene, and one of the scene's shining lights is the East... More >>

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